Monday, October 1, 2012

Yay! It's October!

We had a great vacation last week! The weather was absolutely perfect. The beach was great...not too crowded and not too hot. We relaxed. We played. We enjoyed hanging out with my parents. Just wonderful. 

My boys. :)

We went to a couple of educational sites while we were there; Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Museum and the Museum of Arts and Sciences. The Marine Science Center was one we really wanted to visit, but our time got away from us (all that relaxing, lol) so we just did the two. Oh, and you saw some pics from the chocolate factory we did one rainy day...

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

Tallest lighthouse in Florida. 175 feet tall, 203 steps to the top.

Looking up from the bottom...before we made our climb !

View from the top. Pretty spectacular, and worth feeling like I was going to die from the effort to get there, lol!

The light signal beacon thingy. The lighthouse is actually a working lighthouse, so the lights still work and everything. It was spinning as I was trying to take the picture...

On the way back down...

We couldn't really take any pictures at the MoAS, except of the Giant Ground Sloth skeleton they had, and of the Mastadon pieces they had. The sloth photos I haven't downloaded from the camera yet. But here is Braeden feeling a piece of the Mastadon jaw.

Quick side note...all of the pictures from the chocolate factory earlier in the week, and these pics in this post, were taken from my phone and uploaded to Dropbox. Why am I telling you this? Because I love technology and I think it's cool that I got some decent shots from a phone, AND that there is nothing to download from a camera. I just open the Dropbox folder on my computer and there are my pictures. Spiffy, huh? :)

So if our fabulous vacation is over, why am I so "Yay, it's October?"

I love this month. The temperature just keeps dropping and there are tons of festivals to visit and enjoy. All of the small towns around us have their fall festivals on their town squares. There's a huge apple festival that's not too far away in Ellijay. Helen is hosting their annual Oktoberfest. There's also pumpkin patches, corn mazes and halloween parties.

Yay! It's October! :D

Last week the boys did well with the worksheets and materials I brought with us. This week, things are back to normal for them. They will plug away at T4L and do their spelling on VSC. We may even find time to create some of our own word lists with words from our vacay. Braeden is going to work on games like WhichWord? Sentences (kinda like fill in the blank) and Speedy Speller (this one is not his favorite, lol, but it's good to try and help him spell a little quicker). 

Outside of T4L and VSC, Bailey is going to be working on 4H stuff. He has decided that even though this is his first year with it, he wants to try his hand at a District Project Achievement. Nope, I have no idea what that is, lol. But, we are learning about all this stuff together, so that's cool. This is something that they work on between now and March (I think), and then they get to compete/present at a weekend event held at Rock Eagle (I think, lol). Bailey wants to do his project on cooking, not surprisingly. He's excited. One of the things that we have to do for him to be eligible is to put together a portfolio. Homeschool portfolios are not something I have experience with (unless you count printed reports from T4L and a box full of pictures, projects, brochures, etc. Heh.) so next Monday we are having a portfolio workshop with the 4H coordinator. That should be good, for both Bailey and myself!

Alrighty. Off to get my Monday started. It's bleak and rainy...fitting for a Monday following a beach vacation, lol.

Hope you guys have a fantastic first week of October!

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