Sunday, June 24, 2012

I survived...

...but I'm surprised that everyone else did too. ;) I'm talking about the Cub Scout day camp that I help run each year. It was this past week. It went well, but it was hard this year. Much harder than in years past and I don't know that I could pinpoint exactly why. I'm glad I was a part of camp, but I was veeeeery glad when it was over. I think by the time we got home Friday evening, all I could do was grunt and point, lol.

We spent three nights at Tracy's to save gas, and that was fun as always. I got to watch a couple of good movies that I hadn't yet seen, and we watched the season (series?) finale of The Killing together. GREAT show. There are two seasons, and I would highly recommend catching them if you ever get the chance.

A friend came down and spent the weekend with us, which was nice. When he left this morning, we headed to do our weekly shopping. Sadly, it didn't hold it's normal appeal. We were all too tired I guess, lol. I'm sure this week we will spend a lot of time pretending to be sloths. :D

As far as school goes, I don't know what we have planned. I need to get Bailey started on the online algebra lessons that T4L offers (they combine pre-algebra and algebra...and it's interactive just like the other math lessons he's been doing), but I don't know if we will get around to that this week or not. May just be another unschooling week. While we were out today, we did get the boys a pirate ship in a bottle thingy that they have to assemble and get in the bottle. I'm sure that would cover a few subjects. Right? ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and you all have a wonderful upcoming week!

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