Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vacation Pictures...

Well a teeny hand full of them anyway. I just opened the folder to try and sort through them and there are 1,817 items in the folder labeled "Florida 2012." To say that my brain shut down when I saw that, is an understatement, lol.

Here are a few to start with. I'll have to do this in steps... :/

The hubs loves playing with our waterproof camera...he had a lot of shots of the waves, but I thought this was one was really good.

The six guys, all enjoying the waves...

She loves playing in the sand! :)

Love it!

Diving for torpedoes, lol...

One of the few shots of my boys together!

Our kayaking/ganoeing (nope, I didn't misspell that - that's what we were told they were) adventure...

Dueling water cameras. ;)

One of my most favorite shots from the WHOLE vacation! Taken on the last beach day while we were all still together. 

They enjoyed having a kayak to themselves...

Jen and K. :)

This shot is so funny. I don't know if you can see the rope...Jen is tugging the ganoe with Q, Braeden and myself, lol!
Well. Enjoy those few. Hopefully by next week's post, I will have been able to sort through a few more!

This past week went well. Except for the laundry. Gah. ;)

The upcoming week should be nice. A few things to work on in the house. I'm hoping to go through all of our closets and shrink them down a little...put away some winter clothes and "goodwill" the stuff that they have outgrown.

The boys probably won't have a full schedule. I will have them do some spelling printables (because that kills the spelling and the handwriting birds with one stone) and Braeden will switch from holiday/literature lists back to his sight word list. He's making so much progress, but he needs to put some more focus on those words that he can't really sound out. He's still plugging his way through the Magic Tree House books, and is still enjoying those. Bailey got a great list of books he wants to add to his "to-read" list from his cousin when he saw her last weekend. She is almost four years older than Bailey, but their interests are SO similar and they always have a great time when they get together. I love that!

Ok, so, I'm done for now. We got our grocery shopping and running around done yesterday, so we actually have a family day at home. I'm going to get off here and plop down in my trusty recliner for a movie marathon. Wonder what the boys are going to choose....

Have a great week, errbody!


Kerry said...

Jealous much!!! The pic of your boys together is my fave...what cuties!! :) So glad you had an awesome time.

Kat said...

Thanks so much, Kerry! I'm a teeeeeny bit biased, but I think they're pretty cute myself. ;)