Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sleepover fun...

...and some learnin' too! :)

This week went by in a crazy blur. Wrapped up most of the plans for day camp, which starts on Monday, and for that I am mucho thankful.

Bailey enjoyed his time over at The "B" house! He ended up staying three nights, instead of just two. Tracy put him to work, lol. He did some yard work and helped with the renovation project; even got to help work at the sawmill which he was very excited about.

Other than the physical work, Bailey and Z stayed busy planning and working on their new project. They have decided they wanted to work on starting a blog and posting podcasts. About gaming. Shocker. ;) They really put a lot of effort into setting up their blog/site and recording the podcasts, then uploading them. I was surprised that they wanted to do this, but I was so proud of both of them for doing it themselves, rather than just asking someone else to set it up for them! They did a great job on the first two that I've's really funny to hear them get distracted because they are playing a game while they are talking about playing a game, lol.

Tracy picked up fireworks for the boys and Scott picked up dry ice, so they had fun with those things. Fireworks are exciting, no matter how big or small and no matter how old you are. The dry ice was fun, but also lent itself to some homeschool science! :D

Here are a few photos - (These aren't actually from the sleepover, even though Tracy did send me some; these are from Wednesday when I picked Bailey up and brought Braeden with me. Bailey and Z decided they were going to save some of the dry ice so Braeden could have a little fun with it too!)

The dry ice by itself is super fun...

But take a soapy rag and drag it across the top of the bucket to make a big bubble...

And it becomes super fun!

Getting bigger and bigger...


What happens when you add some dish soap to it? Starts out small...

And quote my 7yo...quite EPIC! :)
When he got home, Bailey spent a good while researching dry ice...what it actually is (solid form of carbon dioxide), the different things it can be used for, and why it burns your hand when you touch it (it's not actually "burning" but it's like frost bite!).

Supabig thanks to Tracy and Scott for entertaining them and providing neat learning experiences!

Hope all the Dads out there have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow!

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Kerry said...

epic science...the very best kind. ;)