Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aaaaaand it's April...

And again, I have no idea where the time has gone!

Last week, Tracy and I had a wonderful weekend scrapping. It was some much needed time for myself, and I'm mostly done with all the guilt that came with leaving the boys for the weekend, lol. 

The week went well. Soccer has consumed us, as usual. School is going fine. The boys are getting antsy because it's been a while since they have had an extended break (an official break, anyways). Since it's the beginning of April, we have started our Florida countdown. Less than a month and we are beach bound!!!

Bailey's Time4Writing is still going strong. April 20 will be the last day of this particular eight week course. Even though he isn't quite finished, he has already said that he is looking forward to the next course. Whether it's another mechanics type course, or that blogging course, we don't know yet. We will let him decide that when we get back from vacation.

As far as what the coming week will hold for the boys, they will probably have a light week. It's spring break in the area so they won't have soccer this week, nor will Bailey attend Masters. I don't want them to have a whole week off, but I also would not mind some extra time with them, so we will compromise with a little lighter work load. Bailey has been talking about how much he enjoyed the art curriculum lessons he did in T4L, and would like me to seek out something "artsy" for him to do soon. There is a pottery place in Athens and they do classes/workshops, so that might actually be something all four of us can do.

Braeden will be playing some compound word games this week. He has worked with compound words several times this year and he always enjoys them. Sometimes he gets a little whacked with them, lol, but as long as he's learning, I'm good. He's also going to put a little extra focus on math over the next few days. 

Bailey just returned home from a weekend camping trip with the Scouts. He's sunburned, tired and in * desperate* need of a shower, lol. Once he's all unpacked and cleaned up, we are having a family movie Sunday. The playlist? Hop, the new Muppet movie and the latest episode of Big Bang Theory.

Good times. :D

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