Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's on!

Vacation, I mean. :) Tracy and I, and the four boys, made it down safely on Wednesday. Jen and K arrived safely on Thursday and finally, the hubs and Scott showed up safe and sound on Friday.

Here are the four boys before we took off on Wednesday 

And here is the sweetest little K when she and her mommy landed at the airport on Thursday 

Yesterday we enjoyed the first day with our whole group together, and today we are making our way to the beach for the first time (we always wait until everyone is here before we do that particular activity).

We have a lot of things planned for the upcoming week. Ever the homeschoolers, we always find something educational to do...even on vacation. Although, it will really be more like unschooling. No bookwork or anything, just learning through activities and places. :)

There is an art museum in Vero Beach we are going to hit. Bailey has a genuine interest in all things art and art history. We first noticed this when he asked to go through his art curriculum a second time, lol. It showed even more when he started Masters this past year. I don't know that everyone is that excited about the art museum, but I know he is.

Another museum we are hoping to make our way to is the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum. This one is really cool! But then again, who doesn't love treasure? Part of our group has been here several years ago, but not all of us, so I know that will be great fun.

And finally, we hope to hit the Brevard Zoo. We haven't done a zoo lately, and none of us have been to this zoo, so again with the great funs.

Written down, it seems like a lot. But, we always make sure not to over-schedule. There is always pleeeeenty of time for the pool and the beach in our planning!

Ok. Getting off here and heading to the ocean. Life is good, huh?  :)

Have a great week, errbody...

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