Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We just got home from a great weekend with family. We were able to see my nephew for the first time in a decade, I got to hang with a couple of beautiful nieces, lots of time with family. So much fun! Believe it or not, we do actually have some pictures. I just need to find time to get them on my computer so I can post a few. :/

Since spring break is done around here, our week will return to normal; soccer, soccer, masters and more soccer. We've enjoyed the little bit of extra time at home in the evenings, but the boys are really looking forward to getting back on the soccer fields.

As far as school goes, they are going to keep plugging away. We are really gearing up for our vacation in a couple of weeks so it's going to be hard to stay on track. For both the boys AND myself, lol.

Bailey has two weeks left in his writing course, so he will just continue to focus on that. Both of the boys are going to work on their vocabulary this week as well. With game play, of course. :) VocabularySpellingCity, the website we use for spelling and vocabulary, has some really good matching vocabulary games. I like MatchIt Definitions because I can use word lists that are grade level appropriate for each of them.

Braeden has made so many noticeable and fantastic improvements this year, but handwriting is still really a very sore subject between us. He hates it. I know it's necessary. And of course I've told him (repeatedly is an understatement) that it's necessary. But sheeeesh, the battles we've had! :( Even though he's 7 and in the 2nd grade, he hasn't yet shown a dominant hand. Not in handwriting, but not in anything else either. He draws, eats, grabs; all with either hand. Just whichever one he feels like using I guess. That being said, I think a huge part of his problem is he simply isn't comfortable holding a pencil. So this week our focus is going to be getting him more comfortable with a pen/pencil. Instead of working specifically on handwriting, we are just going to focus on activities where he can concentrate more on using the pencil and finding a good grip, rather than trying to make sure he's printing correctly. We will do some drawing/tracing and will work on some worksheets (I can print a good printable word search, and do so using some of his spelling lists. Two birds. Go me!)...get him away from the keyboard a little. :)

I hope everyone's Easter weekend was as nice as ours, and I hope your upcoming week is just as good!


Kerry said...

My younger son, now 16, has atrocious handwriting because he hated it SO much in the early years that I didn't harp probably enough on it. I'm SO thankful he doesn't have to write much out long-hand these days or I would lose my homeschooling-cred for sure!! LOL

Maddie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope the writing process goes well, but also think of not to stress it. some kids need longer time fot the body to do such small moves. I hope the getting comfortable with the pen is going well. maybe one of thoose wacom boards could be useful if you guys do not already have it.

Kat said...

Kerry: Nah...your cred is solid. You're good. ;)

Maddie: Thanks for commenting! We did recently get a Bamboo tablet for the boys. Hoping it helps. Also downloaded a handwriting app on his iPad...fingers crossed we see improvement soon. :)