Monday, April 16, 2012

35. Whoa.

Considering that in my head, I think I'm somewhere between the ages of 18 and 22...saying I turn 35 today seems weird, lol.

Yesterday we celebrated my big day with dinner, a movie and Rockband. :) The hubs and some friends set everything up and I had a wonderful day with those friends, and all of my boys.

Now today I get to go fork over $200 for car tags. Gah. I know I shouldn't wait until the last minute, but...just...gah.

This week should be a good week, same as last. Soccer several nights, but the weather has been really nice. Not too hot, not freezing. It's been very enjoyable on the fields. We will also spend part of the week trying to start getting ready to pack for vacation.

Yeah, we have to prepare to pack, lol. I suck at packing. Really suck. I try to remember everything; I even make lists. Then I pack everything. Then I unpack everything because I think I can load it all up better. Then I repack. Then we get to where we are going and I have to run to the store to pick up things I forgot to pack when I repacked. :/

For school, the boys have no special plans. This is the last week of Bailey's first homeschool online writing curriculum course. I've been keeping up with how he has been doing over the last eight weeks, but I'm looking forward to seeing a final report on how the course went for him overall. He still maintains that he has really enjoyed it and would like to start another one when we return from vacation in May.

Braeden is all but done with his second grade program, but he is going to continue to put extra focus on spelling and vocabulary. The improvements he's made in reading were really seen yesterday when we were playing Rockband. Tracy, who gets to spend a lot of time with the boys, looked at me when Braeden was singing (for those not in the know, the lyrics to the songs scroll across the TV and you have to be able to read and keep up with the scrolling lyrics) and said "Wow, he's doing awesome with his reading!" It was a proud moment for him, but for me as well...negates a lot of the negativity I received from people at the beginning of the school year when everyone was quick to tell me they thought he was behind because he wasn't reading what they thought he should have been reading. :)

He just recently started reading the Magic Tree House series (this is's the first thing he's read that wasn't equal parts pictures and words, lol), and surprisingly got sucked right in. He reads on an iPad, and has the ability to highlight words that he struggles with. So I told him when he finished a chapter, I can go through and plug the words he's highlighted into the flashcard maker we use on VSC so I can make flash cards to help him with those words and their definitions. Cool, ain't it? ;)

I hope everyone has a great week! Oh, and don't forget...for those of you who are like me and wait until the last minute for things, the tax deadline is tomorrow!


Kerry said...

You are such an amazing homeschool mama!! I love the creative and technologically-savvy way you teach your kiddos!! And belated happy birthday!!!...I'm getting terrible at falling behind on my Facebook birthday wishes lately. :P

Kat said...

Thanks so much, Kerry! From a homeschooling Jedi like yourself, that means a lot! ;)

And you aren't's today (I posted on my blog later than I had hoped; I blame on my old age, lol).