Friday, March 23, 2012

Do you have a hobby?

I do!!! It's scrapbooking. I never thought I would dig it, but as it turns's my escape. My brain never stops going. Never. Not even when I sleep. And yet...when I scrap, my anxious personality gets a little time off, lol. So I scrap. I do scrap once in a while on my own, but it's always more fun with friends/in a group.

Occasionally Tracy and I will just get together. Sometimes her mom will join us. Sometimes we meet up with friends. Even her sister-in-law has scrapped with us a few times. And she lives in CT (don't forget, I'm in GA)! :)

With the tax thing, there's never really much time for us to catch a scrap-break; not until late spring usually. However, this weekend our favorite scrappy joint, Archivers, is having a special weekend-long event. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three days. Surrounded by paper, Cricuts and glue. Oh the glue! I have a slight adhesive addiction...

Guess where Tracy and I will be today, and through the weekend?

While I will miss my boys, I know I will have a great time. They will too. They enjoy hanging with dad, and he's got a special surprise for Braeden. He got his training wheels off of his bike this week, and he was promised that as soon as he does that, he will get to pick out a brand new bike. They are going shopping tomorrow!

They've done great with their homeschooling this week, so they won't have to work on anything this weekend. Bailey is making much better progress with his writing course. He's not up to the SAT writing level yet, but I'll give him a little more time (that was a dig at those that constantly ask me what my 12 year old is going to do about college). He's even mentioned taking a blogging course once he's completed this, so he can start his own blog; which I think is great idea.

Braeden also had a good week, giving us very little resistance to those subjects he doesn't like. Which is most of them, lol.

I have no idea what this upcoming week holds for us, as my brain hasn't been able to get past the whole THREE DAYS OF SCRAPBOOKING thing. I'm a teensy bit excited. Monday morning will probably suck more than usual thanks to this, but I'll take it as it comes at me.

Have a super weekend!

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Kerry said...

Hope you enjoyed your Scrappy Weekend!!!