Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Stage Debut...

The boys have really enjoyed their first year attending Masters Academy; a fine arts program for homeschoolers. Bailey still has a few weeks left at his grade level, but Braeden's year wrapped up this week and he had his end of the year performance yesterday. He was very diligent about practicing his lines, and he did a wonderful job memorizing all of them. I was worried he would be nervous, especially yesterday morning, but he wasn't. It was great! The play went very well, he a fun time and he's looking forward to being on stage again. Here's a little video...hard to hear, but at least it's documented, lol.

Masters is going to have a Young Drama Troupe (sp?) camp over the summer. We are going to check prices and see if it's an option for us. Either way, he is looking forward to next year's program. With homeschool trends on the rise the way they are, I would expect he will not only be returning with his friends from this year, but he will have an opportunity to meet many new ones!

As far as the school week for the boys, it went alright. No major news. They are both just plugging along with what they need to do. I did discover that Braeden's idea of alphabetizing is stopping at the first letter of a word. For instance, there is no further order between the words "shoe" and "score." They start with "S" therefore they just get lumped together. So, we are going to work on that this week with him. As usual, game play seems to produce better results, so he's going to work on some ABC games from SpellingCity.

Other than that, it's going to be soccer, soccer and a little more soccer this week. Bailey is hopefully going to a midnight showing of The Hunger Games on Thursday night/Friday morning. He's never been to a midnight movie before, and he's excited. He hasn't read the books yet, because he's trying to finish up another series of Rick Riordan's he's working on, but he's looking forward to seeing the movie then reading the trilogy. Thanks to Tracy for throwing out the invite, and to Scott for letting him come along with Quentin and Zachary!

Next weekend is a big weekend for Tracy and I...scrapbooking the *whole* weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Archivers is having a special all-weekend-long thing, and we are really looking forward to it!

Alrighty. Going to get off the computer and enjoy this beautiful Sunday with all of my boys. We have a friend down for the weekend, so that means I had to clean the house I have no chores to do today, lol. Yay! ;)

Have a great week!


Kerry said...

We thought about doing the whole midnight Hunger Games thing on Thursday here too, but I'm afraid the crowds are going to be just too much. They filmed a large part of the movie here in a local state forest and a lot of locals were used as extras, so I fear the midnight showing will be a literal madhouse. I think we will play it safe and do a slightly less crowded Monday showing or something. But I know it will be great...terrific book!

Kat said...

Kerry...I don't blame you for waiting, lol. Especially with the local participation. He's going with friends, so I get to bow out of the really crazy crowd. :)