Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Holy clap. It's 2012.

We closed out 2011 and rang in 2012 with a great group of friends! Many thanks to the hubs and my boys, Tracy, Scott, Quentin, Zachary, Leigh, Lisa, Hank, Tyler, Pamela, Isobel, Mark, Maggie and Kevin for a fabulous weekend of laughs, games (Pass the Popcorn is really cool!), movies (two of the three Stieg Larsson movies, which are just phenomenal) and fun! We had a ton of pizza for dinner last night and this morning woke up with thick, yummy Belgian waffles and five pounds of bacon. No, you didn't read that wrong. Scott cooked five pounds of bacon. Nomnomnom.

The last of our peeps just left and honestly we are ready for bed, but we are so thankful for the wonderful time! Tomorrow finds us starting our Tax Time schedule. I begin at the office on Tuesday. The boys start back to Master's this Thursday. I will be working six days a week. The hubs will be growling. The boys will be having to take care of themselves, which means we switch to a more unschooling mode here at Casa de la Learnin, lol.

While there will be an insane amount of whining (mostly by me), everyone knows that it's temporary so we try to get through it the best we can and not be too miserable. I know, I know...why do I do it every year? Cause I'm greedy. And I want to make that extra money for vacation and DragonCon. But it's alright. Before we know it, the end of February/beginning of March will be here and I will be back home, trying to remember how to home school, and attempting to conquer Mount Saint Laundry. :)

I hope everyone had a safe but fabulous weekend and your 2012 got off to a fantastic start!

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