Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Hot.

Yeah, I know it's August. I don't know how it got here so darn quickly. But I know it's August and it's supposed to be hot. But gah...

The boys' birthdays are next week and they are still trying to decide what they want to do. I think we are leaning towards a bowling party, which is something we haven't done for their birthdays before. I keep wondering if this is the year that they look at us and tell us they are tired of having a shared party/get-together (with birthdays two days apart, it's hard NOT to combine them, lol), but so far they still enjoy celebrating with one another. Yay!

With the beginning of August, comes our official countdown to Dragon*Con. SOOOO exciting! The boys are working on their costumes and the hubs is really looking forward to this year. While this will be my 5th year on staff, he decided that he wanted to take this year off and just be a con-goer. I'm really looking forward to the guests this year (though sadly, none will ever be able to replace my Nathan Fillion/Alan Tudyk and James Marsters moments, lol). The three main characters from the American version of Being Human will be there, as will some key characters from Eureka, which the boys are happy about. Of course my favorite authors, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Charlaine Harris (any excuse to say "Sookeh" hehe) will be there again. Adam Baldwin - Jayne from Firefly - is on the schedule. I hope he actually comes this year. I wear my Jayne hat every year as an homage to "Ma Cobb." And even though I'm not a real trekkie, it's cool to know that Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner will appear together again. They did it a couple of years ago and according to many (even those who aren't fans of Star Trek), their panel was one of the funniest of the con.

That's the reason we don't start our school year until after Labor Day. With D*C that weekend, it's hard for us to plan for that AND plan for the start of our school year. Hey...I have to prioritize. ;)

This week, we will continue as we have. Honestly on summer break, but with a little spelling. Braeden is working on sound-alike words, or homophones. Not surprisingly, but and butt are his favorites. :/ Bailey is going to work on some new spelling/vocabulary words from shark week this week. I am also going to try and throw in some handwriting worksheets for both of them. Fingers crossed they won't try to stab themselves with their pencils to get out of doing them...

Hope everyone has a good week and stays cool! :^)

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