Saturday, August 27, 2011

The End of August...

...Already??!!  Gah. I feel like just did a blog post about it being the beginning of August...

So this is our final week before life gets back into crazy busy mode. Finally made my way into town and registered the boys for soccer. That's our Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, as well as our Saturday mornings when games start. Scouts is in full swing. Let's see how I can be there on Monday nights AND at the soccer field 40 miles away. Our homeschool group went from meeting every other Friday to meeting every Tuesday. And Masters started! There's my Thursday afternoons.

Whoa. Reading all that is making my eyes glaze over.

Speaking of Masters...

The 4 boys and Dax, who runs the program. (We were hoping for a shot with everyone in their Masters shirts, but those haven't come in yet...will post once that photo op comes to be.)
...the boys had their first day this week. They were so excited! I knew Bailey would be fine for the day, but I was worried how Braeden would do in a group/class setting. With structure. He's a little bit of a talker (dunno where he gets that from, lol) and even he was a little worried about not being able to talk. At least he is aware of his difficulty in keeping his mouth closed, lol. He was also worried about me not being there to help him read something - he was a late reader, remember.

Of course, there was no need for worry. My brain still has issues with processing things like the fact that this is a group of homeschoolers. Homeschoolers who understand that everyone learns at different paces and everyone has different personalities. Not like public schools, where all of the kids are expected to act, think and learn in the same manner.

Both of the boys had an absolute blast and have already asked to make sure we sign them up EVERY year, lol. I told them to at least get through this year to decide, but they both said there was no need. They knew they were going to looooove it. :)

So what are our plans this week?

Braeden is going to read a whole "I Can Read" book. He finally found one he actually wanted to read on clearance at Borders (they are going out of business by the way...if there is one near you that hasn't closed yet, everything is 40%-60% off right now) and he's looking forward to going cover to cover. It's nothing big, but I think that if he can go from start to finish, even if it's only 30 pages, he will feel like he finally accomplished something major in regards to reading. He's improving daily, but I think finishing a whole book will boost his confidence even more.

Bailey is always in the middle of a book, so I don't even know what he's reading right now. If he's reading...I'm trying to tear him away from the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie. He and Braeden have watched it about 50 times! I wish I were exaggerating. Bailey informed this week that not only has he watched the movie repeatedly, he has watched all 4 versions of the commentary at least twice. Each. /shaking my head

In his defense though, it's a really good movie...


Ok, where was I?

Braeden will be working on compound words in spelling. These are always fun. Homeschool (har har, I know that one was too obvious), Firefly (yes, that should be capitalized as I'm referring to the TV show, not the bug) and birthday are some of his favorites. Bailey has some geography games on his agenda. Hopefully. We have a short week this week, so it's hard to get them motivated to do anything other than talk about next weekend.

What's next weekend? Just a little thing called Dragon*Con. I might have mentioned it before. Maybe. But only briefly.

What? It's not like I've referenced it in just about every blog post for the last month and a half or anything.

We are heading to the A-T-L a day earlier than normal, so this means we will be arriving Wednesday instead of Thursday. I am so looking forward to this new staff position this year and just hanging out with everyone. It's going to be so different not being at the store and with 95% of our group not being on staff, but I think it's going to be a blast!

I downloaded this nifty blogger app for my phone. I'm hoping this will make it easier to do a quick post or photo from the con....can't wait!

Hope errbody has a wonderful week and safe, fun-filled Labor Day weekend!


topsy-techie said...

Looking forward to hearing how it goes...we are all waiting with bated breath here... :)

Duchess of Purple said...

Wow! Sounds like fun! I noticed the Doctor on your profile on Blog Frog and had to follow you! We are a proud Whovian family! Nice to see another exists on the planet

Kat said...

Thanks, Topsy...hope I have some great moments to share! :)

Duchess, thanks so much for visiting! Did you see the brand new episode this past Saturday? "...I think that's just Hitler in the cupboard..." Loved it! ;)