Saturday, August 20, 2011

12, 11, 10, 9...

Only 12 days until Dragon*Con! Yeah, yeah, I'm sure errbody is getting tired of hearing about it. But it's a big deal for us. A really big deal. Sure, we love our annual beach vacation. But this...this is DRAGON*CON. It's 4 days of family and friends, 4 days of celebrity sightings, 4 days of costumes and fun, and 4 days of just hanging with 40,000 of my peoples. :D

The boys got their costumes this week and they are super excited about that. Bailey is going to be Aragorn (sigh...he's from the Lord of the Rings trilogy for you non-geeks, lol) and Braeden is going to be Bumblebee. I know, Transformers aren't so much what you'd think for D*C costuming, but he's 7. So we go with it.

Besides being so excited about D*C, this Thursday is the first day of Masters. And this week is soccer sign ups (I was supposed to do that this past week, but I'm a slacker). Our homeschool group has resumed meeting as well and we are going to try and change things up. We are changing our meeting days and have a new location where we are meeting...a very nice recreation outreach center. Hoping these changes bring about new families and great year for our little group!

Still not ready to jump into our school year, but we are baby stepping. We'll continue working on spelling and vocabulary on VocabularySpellingCity (almost love this site more than T4L and that says a lot!!! Lol). Braeden will be working on syllables ("but really Momma...*why* is it si-lent instead of sil-ent?!") and Bailey will be working on some science vocabulary, which is actually a new addition to the site and something different for him.

This weekend holds a trip to Atlanta for Tracy and I (last D*C staff meeting before the con) and maybe a family movie date on Sunday. Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks good. PG-13 is not automatically off limits to the boys. And dear lord...maybe if we bribe them with a semi "grown up" movie, they won't sucker us into seeing Spy Kids 72...or whatever number they are up to now. ;)


topsy-techie said...

You would have to poke my eyes out before watching yet another Spy Kids. I refuse, you hear me??!! But on the flip side, at least my boys are lucky to be boys so that I didn't automatically drag them to the Glee 3-D flick with me. It all comes out in the wash. ;)

Kat said...

Topsy, you crack me up! :)