Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm baaaaack...

Been a while, hasn't it?

Wanna know why?

My mom got her transplant!!

I know, isn't that wonderful news?! Ok...let me back up a minute...

I have mentioned a couple of times since May that my mom's health had gotten worse and that her liver was failing. She was placed on the transplant list fairly quickly, but they told us basically to hunker down and wait. People can be waiting on an organ for months, even years.

Back to my happy dance...

We were so surprised when we got the call about 930pm on July 13. I mean, she hadn't even been on the transplant list for two full months. So anyway, call came through and they said that it was a 50/50 chance it was a match and they needed to head to the hospital. About 4am my dad called and said that it looked good and surgery was going to start around 6am.  So I headed to the hospital to wait it out with my dad and my little brother.

Surgery was finally, FINALLY done about 345pm. Can I say that could be the longest day evar?!

The transplant went great and her recovery thus far has been even better. I spent quite a bit of time with my mom, staying with her at the hospital and enjoying some girl time, lol. The doctors have all said that she has been amazing. She was even sent home just six days after the transplant! She has a few months of more medications than you count and several visits a week for blood work. Then she has a lifetime of a couple of medications for anti-rejection. But she has a second chance. And we, as a family, have been blessed beyond measure!

What else has been going on around here? A buncha nothin.' Kinda hard to follow up a successful organ transplant, isn't it? ;)

It's really hard to get back into a routine when you take an unexpected week off from things. I think the boys very much enjoyed my absence. When the hubs is in his office working, they pretty much have free reign, lol. They didn't burn the house down though, so things must have gone smoothly enough.

Our "school year" won't officially start until after Labor Day, but next week I will have them ease back into things with working a little bit on stuff like analogies, math vocabulary and more spelling. Always with the spelling around here...

I would like to thank those that sent prayers, happy thoughts, good juju, etc out to my mom and the fam. Mucho appreciated and most definitely not forgotten! :D

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Can you believe that come Monday, it will be August? AUGUST already! Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep your mom in my prayers so thankful she was able to get a doner so quickly!!!!Thanks for stopping by my site earlier

topsy-techie said...

LOVED your happy-dance-worthy update. I couldn't be happier that things are going so well with your mom!!

Patti~~~ said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!!! I am so happy that your mom is doing so well after the transplant----such a miracle to be wait-listed for only two months!!

I will continue to think of you ALL as the recovery process continues.


Kat said...

Topsy, Patti and Twisteddomesticgoddess,

Thank you ladies so much!! :)

Jackie said...

I am dancing for you right now (I know, it's a little late). This is fantastic news. Hope Mom is getting stronger every day.

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