Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th!

I can't even process that it's July already. Just crazy...I hope everyone enjoys their Independence Day with their loved ones! :)

So did you see my pictures that I posted this week? Aren't you proud of me? I hope it won't be another four months before I post more. I have plans (really, really, really going to try and stick to these plans) to try and post a few pictures each week. I know I don't need to showcase every photo from every event, but I would like to share at least a few from each thing.

Last night we went to see some fireworks with friends. That's always fun! We are so country, lol... the actual firework show is at the lake. There are TONS of people always there and it's not so bad, until you want to try and leave. Then it takes hours to get out of the park. Anyway, we try to avoid that. How? We are a few of many who, rather than go to the lake, go to the pasture behind the lake. The show is just as good, you can still hear the live music and the crowds. It's's a pasture. :D

Tomorrow we are going on an eight mile kayak trip. We have been going kayaking, at least once a summer, for the past couple of years but we have only been doing the four mile trip. This year we are doing the longer one and looking forward to it. Going to see if logistically we can pack a little lunch, and we can stop about half-way down the river to just hang out and eat.

Ok. I have to interrupt for a second to share this little tidbit that I'm sure you all just wanted to this day, every time I say the word "river," I still hear Chris Farley doing his "IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER" bit from SNL.  Hehe.  

Alrighty then, back to it...

We don't have a lot of plans for this week. Thank goodness. I'm needing some sloth time. We all are. Since we did the 4th thing last night with the fireworks, we will probably hang close to home on Monday. We may try and make it to a movie. We have seen tons of movies lately, but the one that has eluded us (and we really want to see in theaters) is "Super 8." Lots of people have recommended it, so hopefully we can find it still in a theater.

School will be light this week. We are in the home stretch now, for our end of year, and I think I'm only going to make them do a couple of days. 

Braeden is going to concentrate on spelling. I like to browse through some popular word lists and see which ones are age appropriate for him. This week we will work on 4th of July words and maybe summer fun words. 

Bailey is working on some fictional writing outside of his normal T4L stuff. The writing process for him isn't what it is for most writers, lol, but he is only 11. He gets ideas, sits at his computer, and jots everything down. He has really grown as far as sentence structure, grammar, character development, etc. It's awesome. He still has a lot of work to do with basic things like punctuation...but it's hard for me to be too critical, as I normally suck with that (anyone who has seen me chat in IM or text knows this). Every time I write, I just go with it, then go back and make corrections. Sometimes I catch everything, sometimes I don't. I guess I need to work on that too. ;)

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topsy-techie said...

Hope you enjoy Super 8 as much as we did. We were quite felt like a true "summer blockbuster" from better days gone by, ya know?? :)