Saturday, July 9, 2011

We are done!

For all intents and purposes, we are done with our school year! Turned in our last attendance records for the year this week. Yaaaaay! But as most homeschoolers know, we are never really done, lol. There is always some learnin' going on...we find it in just about everything we do.

I like giving them (and myself!) a break, but there are some subjects that we just simply cannot NOT do for an extended period of time. Spelling is most definitely at the top of that list. We can make so much progress, but if we skip a week or so, words they both just learned go right out of their heads.

Having said that, I don't want them to hate spelling. So we try to make it fun. The boys will play Words with Friends with the hubs and I, and we like table games like Bananagrams and Boggle. The boys also enjoy online spelling games like Hang Man and Hig Pig. Bailey is enjoying one in particular, Word Unscramble, which is kinda like Boggle.

We will sprinkle in some math here and there, I'm sure in game form, but mostly we will do a lot of reading and concentrate on spelling.

This week was good for us. I got some "couch time" here and there. We starting watching yet another SyFy show called Eureka and we are enjoying it so far. Yesterday, the four of us sat around the TV and watched the final shuttle launch. It was really cool. The boys, having just visited Kennedy in April, were really excited to talk about everything they were hearing and seeing...things like when the shuttle does a "twang" right before lift off. They also remarked on the necessity of the water that shoots out and the sparks that are ignited in the instant before lift off too. It's nice to know they do listen sometimes, lol.

This week will be busy, but not because of school or because of a lot of things on our schedule. We have some deep, DEEP cleaning to do around the house. By cleaning, I really mean throwing out. This is the time of year that we go through all of our junk (Clothes, toys, even dishes, kitchen stuff, some books, etc. What? So I have an impulse shopping problem. No biggie. That's why we give stuff away, lol) and give what we can to Goodwill, Salvation Army and local thrift stores. What we can't give away (if it's not completely unwearable/unusable, it's always given away...I don't do yard sales), we toss. I always hate doing it, but once it's done, I'm glad we did it.

Today, we are headed to a very special Arrow of Light ceremony. Zach (he's one of Tracy's, but we claim each other's boys as our own) has worked really hard, as well as a couple of other boys, to earn this award this year in Cub Scouts. Once tonight is over, those three will officially be Boy Scouts.

We are hoping to play a little Rockband after the ceremony. Our band is in need of some serious "US" time. :D

Ok, until next time. Hope everyone has a great weekend, followed by an even greater week. I want to leave you with something. Something with profound, deep meaning to me, and to my family...




topsy-techie said...

I was JUST thinking about adding Eureka to our Netflix. Glad to know it is good!

Patti~~~ said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all your posts and particularly enjoyed the photos. I can imagine the trip to NASA was incredible!

Have a wonderful week!