Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm like...totally on a roll!

MORE pics, can you believe it?! ;)

Just a few more's really hard to sort through everything. This handful is more from our Kennedy Space Center visit.

Family shot at the entrance.
Full size replicas. Hard to really gage how big they are, but it was cool. :)
This was one of the neatest things...when they re-did mission control, rather than throw out the old stuff, they put it in the Apollo museum. So this was a full and complete mission control station from back when they had the Apollo missions. They even did a real (real is in a real-time, audio recording) from an Apollo launch. We got to see all the stations light up and hear what they said and how everything went during a launch. Super snazzy!
This is like *the* building. The one you see in movies and stuff. The one you generally picture when you think of NASA. :)
On our way out to the launch pad observation area. This is...well crap...I don't remember what it's name is. But its the honking big monster that carries the shuttle from the building you saw above, to the launch pad. It's massive. And SLOW, lol. I think they said it takes like 8 hours to travel the 3 miles from that building to the pad.
A better picture. And it's called a Crawler. I googled. ;)
The launch pad, with Endeavor. 
Kinda hard to see...but there in the back is a big rectangle thing. That's the barge (is that the right word?) that goes out when they go recover the rocket boosters and the fuel tank from the ocean. That big mamma jamma is what they use to bring the fuel tank back in. :)
Taking a boys absolutely loved spending as much time as they could with this little cutie.
Settling in to watch Hubble 3D in the IMAX there. 
This was a shot specifically for my youngest son. Braeden is obsessed with shoes, especially boots. Much to the chagrin of my "if you can only wear 1 pair at a time, why do need more than 1 pair?!" hubby. Heh. Anyway...of all the things that we saw, this was the one thing that had Braeden all giddy. Nose pressed, both palms sprawled on the glass kinda giddy. He walked around almost in a state of wonderment, repeatedly saying how he wished he could have space boots. So he got a dress-up/play pair from the gift shop. Best souvenir EVAR! :D 


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness - that must have been one of the best trips ever! I would love to take my boys to visit one day - they would love it! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :)

Jana Miller said...

Looks like a great time...we visited several years ago and loved every minute too!
xo jana