Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reading Fun...

I've said repeatedly that the hubs and I are avid readers. I've also said repeatedly how much we wish the boys were more like us. :)

Well we are quickly getting there with the boys. Bailey finished his 5th Percy Jackson book in less than 3 weeks!

These are not huge books, but it used to take him a month to read ONE Magic Tree House book, lol. So this a fantastic improvement. To describe us as thrilled would be an understatement! He is already making a list of what he wants to read next. The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Harry Potter books are just a few he's told me about. He's also really interested in reading books by Christopher Paolini and Victoria Kasten, who are both young adult, homeschooled authors.

What brought about this almost instantaneous change?

A Nook eReader.

Really...does that surprise anyone? Just another gadget junkie in the making...

I got a Nook last year and immediately fell in love with it. Well this year for Christmas, the hubs upgraded me to a Nook Color. So we talked to Bailey and asked if he would like my old Nook, to see what he thought. His initial reaction was more "why would I be excited about that?" than I would have liked, but once I loaded a few books on there, he slowly started getting more and more interested.

Then all of sudden he's carrying the thing everywhere we go and staying up until all hours of the night to read.


I know it sounds funny. And it's hard to explain why having an ereader would make such a big difference. There are so many benefits though. The size is the biggest. You can hold it one handed, it's not heavy and if you are reading a 700 page book, you aren't even remotely intimidated by the size. :)

Braeden is also improving each day.  He's been playing some online spelling games, which of course he's fine with cause it's not "school-y," lol. But you want to know his real motivation for learning to read?

He wants to be able to text message.

Yeah. That made me guffaw too. But then again... everyone knows how much gadgets please us. :D

This week should be the last super-crazy-stupid-busy week at work. I don't think it will be my last week at work, but as long as I have shorter weeks and shorter days, the family handles it better.

I'm looking forward to being at home more.

I'm also looking forward to having a scrap-day with the girls.

And I'm looking forward to our annual trip to Florida with the B's.

Hey look at that... me being positive and looking forward to things, rather than me being whiny. Who woulda thunk it?  ;)

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