Sunday, January 9, 2011

Learning a Foreign Language...

When I was in school, we didn't start learning a foreign language until we were in high school.  I look back and wonder if that hurt us a lot more than it helped us...

Braeden is still really just getting a grasp on the English language, lol, so I'm going to let him continue with his alphabet games and watching Dora.  Hey, don't knock Dora!  She and Diego have already taught both of the boys more Spanish than I ever knew! (I took German in school)

Bailey is interested in Spanish, and he understands that Spanish will probably be the most beneficial for him as he gets older (thinking job market already), but he doesn't know that he really wants to take a few years of Spanish.  He finds German as interesting as I did and he agrees with his dad and I in that Latin would be a really cool language to learn.

I want to find a good program for teaching a new language.  Most people recommend Rosetta Stone, and in my research, it does seem to be a successful program.  It's pretty costly though.  Since we aren't even remotely above trying to find free stuff and the web is our most favorite place, we are going to let Bailey hang out a little on a fantastic website we found for learning languages.  

He can play around for a little while, and see which language he wants to jump into.  On this site, I see Spanish, Latin, German and French. The main ones you see in public schools.  So he will have a few options to try.

Of course, we won't limit him to these languages.  He can do additional research and decide which one (or which ones) he wants to try and learn.  

I have deep desire to learn Sign Language and Gaelic.   I want my boys to learn Sign Language as well and I know the hubs would be happy to learn Gaelic... so maybe we will have some household language learnin' going on soon. :)


Pamela said...

I would love to take spanish with you if you ever want to do an adult class or such. Here's an option for learning latin free :

Kat said...

Pamela, thanks for that link!! :)

Maybe after tax time we can see if we can find an adult continuing education type class...that would be cool!

topsy-techie said...

My eldest decided he wanted to learn Japanese. I'm afraid he is completely on his own on that one. I think everything in Japanese sounds like a sneeze. I'm absolutely no help. ;) Fortunately, he has really stuck with it, and found some great resources, and can actually read a fair amount of it now. ((shakes head in disbelief))