Friday, July 30, 2010

Games Instead...?

It's so funny because even though we homeschool, we look forward to Fridays just as much as the next person. A weekend is a weekend, right? As much as we love our weekends, we rarely seem to actually have any down time during them...something is always planned.  Ah well, such is life.

Throughout the year, Fridays are our play day, or finish up day.  Even though we don't follow a strict schedule or plan (they do have some school work to do), we like to make the end of the week a little more fun, while remaining "educational."

Any parent, whether they are a homeschooler or not, usually prefers their child to be interested in whatever they are working on.  This is especially true when you have a "school resistant" wee one like Braeden, lol.  Braeden does not like to sit and do schoolwork.  It gets done, but generally with a bribe.  Or threat. ;)

While Bailey is motivated enough on his own, both of the boys respond well when you say "game" rather than "lesson." So starts the mission of finding games that are fun to be played, yet can be disguised as learning. We have been lucky and have found several online games and activities for the boys.  Recently we found some new games (but from trusted websites we have used before) to throw into the mix.

Fun riddle games are good because they make Bailey think a little more, enhance his vocab words and work with rhyming. There's even some riddle/word games that are appropriate for Braeden's age, but Braeden prefers to play the educational animal games.  He loves the animals, and he says it feels less "schooly" to him, lol.

I am really glad for all of the online activities we have found to supplement with.  I can't imagine trying to get my kids to sit in front of a workbook for any length of time.  But then again, I wouldn't pick a workbook over a computer either...

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