Friday, July 16, 2010

How important is math, really??

I get that all the time from my oldest.  He does very well with homeschooling.  He is completing the 5th grade.  Reads at about an 8th grade level.  Enjoys all aspects of science and history.  Does well in language arts.  Hates math.  HATES math.  In his defense, he comes by it naturally.  The hubs also hated math, and still does.

Of course, I can point all the useful ways that math will be used in his life, both growing up and as an adult.  But that really doesn't make him like it any more, nor does it make it any easier for him.  Trying to find something, ANYTHING for him to do to reinforce certain areas in math can be a chore, for sure.  Since it's no secret that all of us prefer our reinforcement to come across our interwebs, rather than out of a book, we turn to websites and try to find an interactive math program to help us out.   

Flash cards are, and have always been, a great source of reinforcement, whether it's with math, language arts, or any other subject.  Surprisingly, it was easier than we thought to find some math flash cards online.  We don't have to go buy some, or make some with index cards (although that's not a bad idea...just...not computer-y enough for us, lol).

Hopefully all of the online help we find will help him improve his confidence. Not just in math, but in all of his subjects.  If his confidence improves and he starts breezing through his work, then that's just proof that I'm not failing.  Erm...I mean...that HE'S not failing...  ;)

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