Friday, August 6, 2010

Being Sick but Staying Busy...

Not this past week, but the week before, I spent the week sick.  This is after Bailey had been sick and Braeden was recovering from Strep and an ear infection.  Braeden finishes his antibiotic and, this past Sunday, starts having problems with his asthma.  Blarg.  When we went to the Doctor for that, we discovered that his right ear was STILL infected AND his left ear was now infected.  Awesome.  So, he is on another antibiotic and an oral steroid for his asthma.  Unfortunately, steroid = demonic possession for my wee one.  But, he is doing well and will be done with the drugs by Tuesday morning when we return to the Doctor and see how things are...

Even though there are about a billion positives when it comes to homeschooling, there are a couple of not-so-positives. One of those downsides?  It's really easy for us to get behind when we are sick, especially if one of the sick ones is me. When I'm laying on the couch, curled around a box of Kleenex and an empty bottle of Nyquil, it can be hard to be motivated to get up and help the boys.  I know, bad Mommy.  But it happens.  When it does, I try to find something that they can pretty much do unassisted.  Printable handwriting worksheets are good because my boys ALWAYS need to work on their handwriting.  Also, it gives me an opportunity to throw some spelling words at them.

If they get done with something like handwriting and I still want to occupy them without actually turning to school work, I turn to old reliable.  The computers. :D

Bailey is a pretty good typist if you ask me.  Almost too good, lol.  Braeden does well, but he's still on the 2 finger-hunt-and-peck speed.  So I can get them to work on some online keyboarding games for a little while.  They are still technically learning, they get their competitive face on, and they practice/pick up speed in typing.  Win-win for all of us!

So here I am, ending the week exhausted but thankful.  Even though I complain about ickies and sicklies here, I know that things could be much worse. I'm very thankful that they aren't!

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