Sunday, June 8, 2014

Really? June??

June. Again. Already. Geez...faster and faster time flies...

This post will have two parts. About the boys and about school. And then all about me. :)

Part One - Some Learnin'

The boys logged into their T4L this week, for the first time in weeks. I know, homeschooling parent of year award coming right up. Whatevs. We were unschooling. I'm good with that. 

While I used to make them do a set number of lessons a day, I had to change that this year. The high school courses were taking Bailey a little longer to complete, and Braeden would blow through some of his. Anyway, we changed from a set number of lessons, to a set amount of time. 

This has worked out well, but they aren't going to finish the subjects at the same time. Both of them will take whole days and do nothing but science and history. I'm ok with that, because regardless of when they do their english and math, it will get done. But I know they are going to be miserable when in a couple of weeks, they are only going to have english and math to do, lol. Ah well. 

Additionally, I really have to (really, really have to), get them both set up with a writing course. Bailey loved the one he took a while ago, and I have been meaning to have him do another (maybe essay writing), and Braeden do his first one (maybe elementary mechanics), but ya know I'm a procrastinator. Ugh. 

Outside of schoolwork, we had a wonderful play/swim date with fabulous friends on Wednesday, got back into our homeschool group park day on Friday, and had dinner and supahfuntimes with friends on Friday evening. Great week. :D

Okay, all about me now. 

Part Two - Some Exercisin'

I can't tell you how many times I have started a fitness routine of some sort, and then promptly failed. Generally, I fail because I try to start out doing too much. Going from sloth to a marathon, with nothing in between, lol. Duh. 

So when we were in Florida, and Tracy got a swanky new Fitbit Flex for her birthday, I started walking. We started with a little under a mile, then got up to a little more than a mile and just kept moving. I had never really put a lot of stock in pedometers (had one once, hated it...very inaccurate and kept popping off my waist), but the whole "fitness tracker" thing appealed. So I did a butt-ton of research and ended up opting for a Fitbit as well. I got the One rather than the Flex. I don't think either are bad, but I had personal concerns with the Flex. 

I. Am. In. Love. 

It's not just the tracker though. It's the app and how everything works together. I can see how many steps I've taken in a day (this is huge for a work from home/school from home gal - sometimes you don't realize just how little you move throughout the day), how many calories I've eaten, how many calories I've burned and more. I can set goals for myself, and you and other friends that have a Fitbit can be Fitbit buddies. It's fun to motivate each other (and also, I'm a giant immature ass that likes to win). It's absolutely ridiculous how much this one little device has changed me, in such a short amount of time. I walk at least twice a day, and I look forward to walking again. Even if I'm sore or tired, I want to walk. Please believe...those are not words that I'm used to saying, lol. I am logging some serious miles, too! I've had my Fitbit for 10 days, and I've already received a "50 Lifetime Miles" badge. :D 

I'm not selling anything, not promoting anything and I don't get points or anything for referring anyone. I simply wanted to share what FINALLY made a difference for me. Thanks for listening. ;)

My Fitbit One. Teeny tiny and I've clipped it on a shirt collar, a bra strap and facing inward on a pants pocket. Works anywhere!

My best day so far! I've gotten over 15,000 steps several times, but haven't gotten back up to this again. Definitely a good goal to beat this day! 


Joy C said...

Hey, you do what works for your own family right? That's definitely what we do with a whole lot of unschooling thrown in. Some things can only be learned in unschooling mode anyway! IMHO Zoe is taking a writing course right now too...a much needed one I might add.

I would LOVE one of those Fitbit thingies!!

Katie Shuler said...

I agree, Joy! Some things are best learned in unschooling mode! :D Thanks for stopping by...