Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

This is my beautiful grandmother. She turned 80 today. Yep, EIGHTY. And we were lucky enough to spend part of her birthday with her and some other family and friends.

So what does one such as Nanny do when she turns 80? She goes to her favorite Mexican restaurant, gives them hell because they won't serve her a margarita on a Sunday and asks the owner for a lap dance.

If you have ever wondered where my...erm...quirkyness, for lack of a better word, comes from...well there ya go. ;)

I love this little lady a whole bunch, and I'm so grateful that not only do I still have her in my life, but that my boys still have such a spunky great-grandma in their lives!


This past week was fun. We signed up for Kids Bowl Free, so we went bowling twice. Tons. Of. Fun. We loved just hanging, the three of us goof balls. The bowling didn't go to badly either! Our goal is to go bowling once or twice a week, until the program ends at the endish of August.

School-lite continued. They did some spelling lists that revolved around the World Cup and the Summer Solstice. They also played some math games. Given how many times I had to correct my eldest about saying "me and so-and-so" instead "so-and-so and I," I probably should have made them do grammar worksheets. Ah well. There's always this week.

I am still trucking along with my walking. I didn't have another 20,000 step day this week, but I did hit my 10,000 step goal every day, averaging between 11,000 and 13,000 steps per day. Yay! :)

This upcoming week we will continue working on our new year's resolution, to reduce our possessions by half. That kinda got put on hold during tax time, but we are picking back up on that. Last week, and this weekend, we finished up the dining room and kitchen areas, as well as our computer/school room. Which means all that's left is my room and the boys' room. Granted, those are the worst as far as hoarding goes, lol...but it's a huge relief to know we have gotten finished with the rest of the house. Fingers crossed that we make real progress on those bedrooms this week!

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