Sunday, May 22, 2011

Season Finales...

I'm a big TV fan. I know, TV watching rots your brain. Whatevah. Still a fan. My DVR and I have a very healthy relationship and I'm just not afraid to admit that. This is season finale time for most of my shows. I'm alright about them I guess, if they aren't cliffhangers, lol. Sheesh...nothing like waiting 3 or 4 months to see what happens next.

Here's what I have thought about the season finales I have caught so far (no least, not direct spoilers...if you don't want to risk figuring anything out, I wouldn't read, lol):

Castle - I looove Nathan Fillion. For real. Love. Met him even. I know, go me. :) Watched him in Buffy, Firefly (Woot Cap'n Tightpants!), Slither, Waitress, Dr. Horrible and now Castle. I don't know that he could do anything I wouldn't like. Castle is a whole family show. While I watch a lot, the hubs watches very little. The boys watch a few of my things with me. Anyway, Castle was good. It was a cliffhanger and had some points in the show that I thought were handled very well. Happy, happy that it was picked up for next year.

Criminal Minds - This is probably my favorite of the crime shows. Even though I miss Mandy Patinkin ("Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."), I love the cast and really like how well they work together. The finale wasn't a huge cliffhanger, but there was a little surprise at the end. It was less of a surprise though, thanks to the episode description on my DirecTV guide. :/ Looking forward to it's return next year.

The Mentalist - This is another family show. We all love Patrick Jane! I was very pleased with this finale. There's not a lot that I can say without giving everything away. I will say that it seemed to wrap some things up nicely...seemed being the operative word. I'm suspicious, lol.

The Vampire Diaries - Oh don't even. We all have our guilty pleasures. And really, have you seen Ian Somerhalder? Ok then. I liked the finale. I was kinda sad, kinda happy. I really don't feel like anything was wrapped up. On the other hand, I don't feel like I was left gasping. It was really good and I'm looking forward to it's return.

Smallville - *sniff* I love superheroes. All of them. Nope, I don't really read the comics. I just like superheroes. This was Smallville's tenth and final season. Hence the sniffling. It was a nice goodbye.

Bones - Wha huh??  When the hell did that happen??? That's all I've got, lol...

Fringe - Another whole family show. We have liked this show from the beginning. When this season started, we all had the same reserved opinion. We couldn't say that we disliked it, but we really couldn't say we liked it either. But it kept us interested. As the season progressed, however, it got better and better. Definitely a cliffhanger.

Supernatural - Oh, those Winchester brothers. *sigh* We can't watch this finale yet because we didn't get a chance to watch it before Walter left for TX. So we have to wait until he gets back...

House - This one is Monday. Looking forward to it, but it's another one that we have to wait for Walter to get home.

Glee - I absolutely love this show. It's a drama. It's a comedy. It's a musical. YAY! This season finale is coming up on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it...I want to hate Finn a little less. :)

I told you I watched a lot, lol.

This time of year isn't all about finales though. Doctor Who ("Come along, Pond.") started, True Blood ("Sookeh") is starting next month. Dexter should be at some point this summer. It's not all sad making. ;)

Ok, enough about TV...

Dropped the hubs off at the airport yesterday. We all had sad faces for a while. But I'm sure the two weeks will go by quickly. And we are really hoping this training and these new job responsibilities are a good thing for him, and for our family.

This week we will have plenty to do to keep busy, and hopefully help with missing him. We are still plugging away with the Scout requirements Bailey needs to finish before camp. I am hoping to do a little more school than usual...just because I know June is going to be so sporadic. I will have some spelling printables to help with handwriting, spelling and vocabulary. I keep waiting for the day when handwriting isn't such a battle here. That day will come, right? *crickets chirping* Right??

I had a cool moment at Braeden's soccer party yesterday. Our county's last day of school was Friday, so the topic of how excited everyone was to be out of school was a hot topic of conversation. Of course, it ends up being mentioned that we are homeschoolers. Well, after the party we were walking to the car and one of the parents who we honestly had very little interaction with this season actually tracked me down to ask me about homeschooling. I was surprised! In our area, homeschooling isn't exactly a rogue, underground movement, but it's not a hugely popular thing.

Anyway, she stopped me to ask me what curriculum I use! I usually volunteer that information because I love it. Seriously. Life saving it was. But it was great to be able to tell her there was an alternative to a workbook/boxed curriculum. She admitted that she homeschooled her other children, but there was a large gap in the age difference between them and her youngest now, so the internet wasn't as much of a resource then as it is now. I was able to tell her we use Time4Learning as our core curriculum, but that it was great for supplementing, summer schooling or even online tutoring. It felt nice to be able to really recommend something. :)

Alrighty, I have rambled enough. I have to grocery shop now.

Oh...still asking for prayers for my mom. She is doing alright, but hasn't been placed on the transplant list yet. She will have some repeat tests this Tuesday, then God willing we will find out if she is physically able to finally be placed on the list. Thanks for the prayers and happy thoughts already send up and out! Would greatly appreciate it if you kept 'em coming. :)

Have a great week!

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Tezra said...

Love your write up on your favorite season finales. I'm sad too but also looking forward to Sookeh, Mad Men & Rescue Me!

Glad you had a positive comment on your homeschooling, so often we hear what we're "missing"! Glad you were able to share.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!