Sunday, May 8, 2011

Needing a vacation from vacation...

You know that period of time when you return from vacation, where you spend untold hours playing catch up from all that was not done while you were away? It always makes me feel like I need another vacation to recuperate from coming back from the first vacation, lol.

We had a wonderful time in Florida, even though it seemed like it went by quicker than usual. Spent a lot of time just relaxing at the pool or playing at the beach. We did have one tourist-y day...we spent an entire day at Kennedy Space Center. And it was awesome!

I haven't even gotten our photos off the hubs' laptop yet, but when they finally make their way onto my trusty computer, I will post some of them and share our good times with you all. :)

Now it's back to our daily grind.

The boys are going to get back to work on this school year.  I'm going to make Braeden concentrate on some Dolch words (before I started homeschooling and realized they actually had a name, I called them "sight words") to help with his reading. Bailey is Bailey and he just keeps plugging along. He will be starting 7th (holycrapwhendidthathappen!) grade next year, and I think we are going to add some math to his school day. Our homeschool program offers an algebra curriculum. I don't know that I need to worry about it in 7th grade; I could wait until 8th grade. But, since he struggles with some math concepts, it might be good to give him more time to get through the algebra stuff.

Soccer season is winding down this month. Next weekend I'm going to see Bon Jovi in concert for the second time. Super excited about that! The following weekend, the hubs is headed to Texas for two weeks for job training. In our almost 16 years together, we have never been apart that long. We're both kinda anxious about that. The job training is for new job responsibilities...praying and keeping our fingers crossed that these new job duties will be a good thing for him, and for us. :)

The first week in June Bailey is going to his first Boy Scout summer camp. Six nights away. Gulp. I know he will have a great time. But GULP. Braeden has his Cub Scout day camp (Cubs are too young to have over-nighters, so they get a day camp) during the last week of June.

Lotsa things coming up, but we're looking forward to them. Well, most of them. ;)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies!!!!!!


Patti~~~ said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kat!

I know what you mean about 'vacation from a vacation'---however, it's been SO LONG since we've taken a "real" trip (as opposed to day trips) that I am longing to truly 'get away from it all'.

topsy-techie said...

My son was about the age of your son when he had his first sleep away camp and it was SO traumatic for me. I would find myself in tears in the middle of the day!! Homeschooling and being with your kiddos 24/7 creates a huge learning curve for things like that. Wishing you strength for that big adventure!! :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Belated Mother's Day wishes!
Our (older) kids went away last year (actually, it may have been the year before....time flies) to camp, and for the first few days I felt like I was wandering around the house like a lost little soul! Honestly, all these times you wish you had just an hour to yourself.... when you get *loads* of hours to yourself, you just don't know what to do with them! Mind you, after the first few days, I got over that feeling, and did enjoy the last few days of their camp.... though I was *dying* to see them again :)
Oh, I know what you mean about the need of a vacation after a vacation!

Kat said...

Thanks for the comments! :)

I have been trying to prep myself for this for a while, lol. Topsy, I agree that I think the homeschooling thing makes it a little harder to be separated. I'm sure he will be fine and he will have a great time. :)