Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy. But how?

This week has been really busy...without necessarily having anything to show for it. Don't you love when that happens? You run, run, run and at the end of the week you kinda look back and go "really? what did keep me so busy?"

We finally had a chance for soccer practice, at least part of the week. The boys are excited about their teams and they each have their first games of this season next week.

Our homeschool group is starting to wind down for the year. We generally take the summer off, but may occasionally meet for a field trip or a play date. Everyone stays so busy in the summer, it's hard to keep a schedule for meeting. At our last meeting, we discussed some pretty big changes for the group. Exciting changes I think! We are going to try to go from a bi-weekly meeting, to a weekly meeting. We are also hoping to bring in some students from a local college who are studying education and/or physical fitness to run a PE program of sorts for us.

It's really cool. I would have never thought that a practicum could be done for a group of homeschooled students. I always thought those things had to be done in schools. I guess with homeschool trends growing the way they are, times they are a-changing. :)

Our school year isn't even close to winding down. But that's normal for us.  We go through the summer. We'd rather take our breaks in the other seasons (vacation is this month!  yippeee!) than in the summer.  When it's 100 degrees outside, with a heat index of like 407 degrees, the boys don't really want to go outside. I don't blame them, lol.

I was hoping to get Bailey started on at least one of the homeschool writing courses I wanted him to take by now, but our schedule just hasn't cooperated. It may be something we do this summer, replacing a part of what he would normally work on with the writing.

Benefit #972 of homeschooling? Being able to adjust our school schedule to accommodate changes like that. :D 

Oh!  One last thing...

Look!  My wee one lost one of his top teeth, FINALLY! Isn't that face just the cutest??


topsy-techie said...

The ABSOLUTE cutest!!! I so adore the toothless grin pics from my boys at that age. :)

Kat said...

Thank you, Topsy!! :D

Jen said...

very cute! I have a 7 yr old at home that looks like that! :)