Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Showers...

We only just started April, but we have a reaaaalllly good jump on that "April showers" thing. There has been so much rain! You know, it's really hard to complain about though. Sure, everything is a muddy mess (country livin' ya know), but honestly the rain is the only reason I can sometimes almost occasionally breathe out of my nose. :)  The pollen count has been ridiculously high, and everything else is blooming as well. This week the boys missed all of their soccer practices, but considering that it was quite chilly, on top of wet, they weren't horribly disappointed. 

April is a busy month for us. We have a crazy soccer schedule, a few scout activities, we're visiting my parents and my mother-in-law for the first time since Christmas (super excited about that!), we have a play we're attending, taking a trip to the Ga Renaissance Festival AND leaving for a much needed Florida vacation! Whew.

Oh... and... my birthday is this month. Yep. That got a line all by itself. Nope. No shame in my game. It's the 16th. Birthday wishes welcome. ;)

It's a good thing that our homeschool schedule is so flexible. And portable, lol. Since we travel with iPads, iPhones and laptops, the boys can hop online anytime they need (and anywhere we have wi-fi and/or cell service. God, I love technology) and work on some stuff. Of course, we find "learnin'" everywhere. Can you imagine what their homeschool day is going to consist of when we go to the Ren Fest? 

When we go on vacation, we probably won't make them do any lessons. But we will make them read. That's our thing. There always has to be reading involved. Since we are such gadget junkies, we can load up an ereader with books now, rather than loading up a duffle bag with books.

Bailey has a Nook ereader that he loves. LOVES. We have a list of things that we are going to make sure are on there before we head out. He hopes to finish the Lord of The Rings trilogy before we leave (*sniff* I'm so proud! *sniff*) so we will have to get some new ones for him.

He's already enthralled with books BY homeschoolers (like Christopher Paolini's Eragon series), but we are hoping to find some books ABOUT homeschoolers for him. Any books that he's read over the years about school children involve kids who go to public/private school. He wants to give a book a try that involves kids that stay at home for school. I have to admit, until I found the Homeschool Literature website, I had no idea there were so many books by and about homeschoolers. I'm really hoping we can find one at his reading level. And about boys. I tried to suggest "Little Women," but that didn't even get me a response from him. He just blinked at me.

Braeden doesn't have his own Nook, but he does have my NookColor at his avail. He has made such a great improvement in the last few months. Part of that is his wonderful reading curriculum.  The other part of that is he finally reached the point where he was tired of asking everyone to read something for him. Oh, and then there's that part of him that thinks once he's a fluent reader he will get a cell phone to text with.  I've tried to tell him that won't happen for a few years, but whatever motivates him, right? The NookColor works well for Braeden because there are some cool interactive kids' books you can buy and download from Barnes and Noble.  These books the kids can read themselves, but there is an option for the book to be read aloud to them if they want.  Kids can also touch on pictures throughout the book and find little bits of info.  Since anything with a touch screen is appealing to my boy, this is exciting enough to keep him sitting with the ereader for a while. :)

This weekend is going to be so exciting for the boys. Bailey got tickets to Wrestlemania for Christmas.  The hubs hates wrestling, but he's a trooper for going, lol.  It's actually a group of them going, so I think both of them will have so much fun, even if Walter won't admit it.  Braeden is a little young for that, so he and I have a special day planned.  We are heading out to see the movie "Hop" and then playing at Chuck E Cheese for a little while.  *shudder*  Hop I can tolerate.  The Chuck E Cheese thing terrifies me.  But we do what we do for our kiddos. ;)

I want to leave you with an image. It's an image that makes me so emotional, it's hard to put into words. An image that makes me want to yell "YAAAY" and burst into tears, all at the same time.  And It's an image that has been 10 years in the making...



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