Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big, Ugly Words. Math Words...

That's right. Math words.

I've said many times that math is a mostly disliked and often struggled with concept in this house. The hubs has never liked it and he will be the first to admit that he sucks at it. Sucks. As in, sucks so bad he's forbidden to have a hand in the boys' math studies, lol.

Bailey definitely struggles, but he doesn't struggle across the board. There are some concepts he just catches onto really quickly. Then, there are others that take a little extra time. Or a lot of extra time. One of the things that was the hardest when he started learning math, was learning what math words meant.

You thought math was just about numbers, didn't you?

Of course the action of math is numbers. But if you are asked to multiply numbers, you have to know what multiply means. Equations, variables, denominators... all key words in mathematical functions.

A website that we use for vocabulary and spelling recently added a math vocabulary section. Even I was surprised at how many terms I saw that we kinda take for granted. The site allows you to use the words in vocabulary lessons or spelling lessons. You can use them in handwriting worksheets, have flash cards with them, even play games with them. It's really cool, and more importantly, not as tedious or as time-consuming ("yes, I realize it's been 9 1/2 hours. Yes, I realize you have only written down 4 words. Yes, you still have to write down the other 6 words.") as our older way of just simply writing down our spelling words in a notebook.

Both of the boys are benefiting from those math words, as they have some for every grade level. They also make it easier on me. And easier on me is never frowned upon.  :^)


topsy-techie said...

Just wait till you get to Algebra. The vocabulary makes me want to hide under the bed!! :P

oyracrombie said...

I did well in math, but I definitely don't want to re-learn.

Patti~~~ said...

We have always been a family of math strugglers. My middle son has always done well in math, but he just doesn't LIKE it. Same for me. My youngest, Alex, didn't just not like math, he HATED it---all aspects of it---with a deep passion!! Until....we found the Teaching Textbooks program. It was created by and for homeschoolers. I LOVE it----Alex LOVES it! We are a happy "math family" now.

I swore I would never again use a "program" for math, but I'm eating my words now, and strangely enough, that's okay because math is no longer uncomfortable for Alex----he gets it now and that's what really matters.

Great post, as always!