Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rewarding myself...

That's what I always feel like I need to do after tax time, lol. Reward the fam too, for putting up with me during tax time. :)

This is how I feel like my week went:

And like this:

It's not over yet...this year I'm working a little longer than normal at the office. But, it is slowing down. A little.

Even though tax time money is really for paying off debt, or trying to save some money (the word "trying" is very loosely used here, lol), there is usually something we do as a reward for the family. One year we bought iPads, last year we bought a honking big TV for the family room.

This year, there really isn't a major purchase we have been looking forward to buying with my added paycheck. So, I think we have decided to buy each of a us an annual pass to the Georgia Aquarium! Even though we live less than an hour a half from it, we've never been. I know, I know...lame. But we never really have a day where we can spend ALL day down there. Which is what we would want to do, to feel like we are getting the most of our money, if we just bought a one day ticket.

With an annual pass, we can go for a few hours and head home and not feel like it was a wasted trip or anything. We are pretty excited about it, and very much looking forward to our first visit!

The week went well. The hubs was really, really, really glad he didn't have to take the boys anywhere other than Master's on Thursday. I think the boys were actually pretty happy about not having anywhere to go too. They did well with schooling themselves, lol. It's nice when the whole eclectic homeschooling thing comes into play...a little online stuff, a little book stuff, a little "life" stuff.

This week should be good. Hopefully my nights won't be as late, and we'll actually have time to have dinner together. :D

As far as school work goes, both of the boys have Master's projects that they have to work on. I think it's also time to bring out the handwriting worksheets again. Other than school, they are going to work on their room some more. They made very good progress on "thinning" out their toys and their clothes during December when I could work with them on it. Kinda slacked off since I started working, but I would like to get that done.

Today is laundry day, as usual. We're going to wrap up Sherlock. We've really enjoyed that series. It's on Netflix if you find yourself wanting to watch something. I think we're also going to try to watch ParaNorman.  :)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and you all have a sweet Valentine's Day later in the week!

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