Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love new gadgets!

I do. Really. Almost as much as I love my kiddos. ;)

I am a gadget freak. I love little things that beep at me. I love little things that keep me connected to the world (without actually having to leave my house or talk to people. Ha!). I love exploring new bits of technology. Techy websites (yay for Engadget and Gizmodo!) have their own little buttons on my browser bar. Some say it's an illness, but I say it's keeping up with the times. :D

Right now, I feel like I have the best of all of the operating systems. I upgraded my PC to Windows 8 (yes, on the day it was released, lol). I have a new iPad and love iOS on it. And I just got myself a shiny new Android phone, running the latest Android OS. What'd I get? A Samsung Galaxy Note II. Not familiar with it?

Samsung Galaxy Note II

I change phones at least once a year. Sometimes more than once. I have had my little sausage fingers on tons of phones over the years, and every time I snag a new one, I say it's my most favorite phone ever. Again, this one is my most favorite phone ever. EVAH. What are my favorite features? It's 5.5" screen (nope, not a type. It's the King Kong of phones, I know.) and it's S-Pen. I was concerned about the size, but quickly adjusted. Now, everything else seems tiiiiiiiiiny. Lol.

There are so many things that I like about this gadget. I'm not going to go into any more spec detail than I already have, but I do want to share one of the neatest features...

There are an enormous amount of photo editing options. Yesterday, I took Braeden to a friend's birthday party. The hubs didn't go with, but I wanted to send him a quick shot of the fun. I was able to take several of the pics I took, and create a little grid. Here, it's easier to see than to explain, lol:

See? Braeden waiting on his turn, Braeden doing his best Fred Flinstone impression, and Braeden's final score. After I made the little collage, I was even able to write on it. So much fun, in one frame to text to the fam. Neat, huh?

The boys are enjoying too. Bailey plays the art and music games, like Draw Something (which is totally cool with the pen!) and SongPop. Braeden is getting some handwriting practice in...because the whole pen/phone combo is novel, he will write anything I ask him too, as long as it's on the phone. HA! :D

Wanna know what's really crazy? This blog post wasn't sponsored, compensated or solicited by Samsung. I just did it because I'm in love.  Heh. I guess it is an illness, yeah?

Hope everyone has had a great week. And did you notice, not one tax time complaint? Aren't you proud of my growth? ;)

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