Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dude. It's February.

That's what we've all been saying to one another, lol. Dude! It's February! I lost January. :/

This week was good. The first almost 60 hour week at the tax office. Gak. I'm exhausted, but I know I will love that paycheck. And honestly, I will probably only have one more week like that, so I guess it's not too bad.

The boys are still missing me, and the hubs is struggling with playing Mr. Mom, but they are managing well. The boys really didn't do much in the way of formal school last week (they had something to do outside of the house every single day last week!). Thank goodness we aren't a part of any umbrella schools or virtual schools, where we have to follow someone else's schedule, lol.

Bailey had his last cake decorating class with his best friend this past Tuesday. This was the big finale. The two-layer cake! They both turned out AWESOME!

Bailey's, from the side.

From the top.
We couldn't be prouder of those two guys, and we know they had a blast! It was a fantastic Christmas gift from Z's Nana! :)

This week will see me gone more often than I'm home, but for the boys and the will hopefully be a nice week at home. Only Master's on Thursday. I don't have anything planned, but they will work on T4L and VSC as usual. Braeden really wants to try T4L's art curriculum, so I may try and see if they will give him access to the upper level so he can give that a try. Bailey plans on making a cake and some cupcakes to keep working on his decorating skills. I love that cooking is "school" around here. ;)

I need to attempt the laundry today. Blah. We also want to watch some Sherlock (I tell ya...I have yet to find a bad British TV show!). Oh, and remember those Christmas decorations I've been trying to get taken down since the first of the year? Yep, still up. Sheesh. Maybe we will work on those today. Maybe. I suck at proper, responsible time management. :D

Hope you all enjoy your week!

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