Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yaaaaay! The Olympics!

We love watching the Olympics here. Which is so funny because none of us are sports fans. Lol. At least, not in general. We like soccer of course, but aren't really prone to sitting around watching sports on TV.

Then every 4 years (we like the Winter Games, but not nearly as much as the Summer Games), there we are...acting like the face painted fans in the stands. :)

This year, we had a wonderful time watching the opening ceremonies with a great group of friends! Snacks, excited kiddos, TONS of laughter and a fabulous torch lighting. It was a fantastic evening and I'm so glad that were invited and were able to share in all of that excitement with everyone!

In years past, we would try to just catch everything when we could. This time around, we are putting our DVR to good use. I don't think it's stopped recording since Friday night, but at least we are catching most of what we want to see. We have been super thrilled to see a good bit of the Archery and the Fencing competitions so far. We don't usually get to see those, so that's cool.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time in Greenville with some more friends. We met up at a Red Robin, which my family has never eaten at before.

I hafta tell ya... BEST. BURGER. EVAR. Yep. EVAR is even better than EVER. :P

Last week my mom was up visiting for the week so our schedules were a little off, but it was a good visit! This week, I'm going to finish up my sister-in-law's baby shower invites, and get ready for my boys' party next Sunday. A pottery party...should be all kinds of fun!

The boys are going to remain working on their vocabulary. They've got some root word games to play, and they are using some special Olympic themed word lists to make online flashcards. I love technology. Really. :D

Now, I'm going to curl up in the family room and watch some swimming. Isn't it wonderful to see all of those cute guys in speedos inspiring athletes? ;)

I hope everyone has a good week. And can you believe it's about to be August already?? Geez....

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