Saturday, July 14, 2012


A while back, I read a blog that had an occasionally random post. Rather than trying to weave everything together, they just made like a bullet list. I enjoyed reading it, and I even gave that a try on my own blog. It's been a while, but I think this week calls for a little random... :)

~ Today marks the one year anniversary of my mom's liver transplant! I can't believe it. Sometimes it feels like it's only been a few weeks! Yay for mommy! ;)

~ Even though I don't like to admit it, I am terrified of trying to get the boys through homeschool high school. TERROR-FIED.

~ I have 10 tattoos. All but two are generally visible.

~ This past week, the boys spent the week with my parents (they live a couple of hours away from us) and they had a GREAT week. My parents took the boys to an Amusement Center (arcade, laser tag, bumber cars, etc) and then my brother and sister-in-law took them and my nephew to see the new Spiderman movie. It was a big week!

~ The husband and I spent six hours watching Firefly one night this week. Yep. We are so badass when the kids are away.

~ I am unashamedly admitting that I have read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. 

~ I don't like using conventional fraction lessons to help my boys with fractions. I like to use pizzas. And cookies. And recipes. :D

~ My boys want to get their ears pierced. 

~ We just found out that Billy Boyd (Pippin from LoTR) is going to be at Dragon*Con this year! We all had a little squee moment. :)

~ I loathe Reality TV. Can't. Stand. It. 

And one last little tidbit...every time I type/say the word "random," I immediately think of "RANDOM DANCING!" from iCarly. Ugh. :/

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