Friday, June 3, 2011


Yep, picked up the hubs today from the airport! Can you tell I'm supahappy about that? ;)

We got to the airport about 20 minutes before his flight was scheduled to come in. The Greenville airport is SOOOO different than Hartsfield, lol. There is a cute little courtyard outside at the gates. We sat there and while watching the really cool real time flight map on my iPhone (and you wonder why I'm a technogadgetjunkie), we waited for daddy to land. Once the plane landed, we ran inside and waited for him to ... what's the correct term? ... de-board (?). The boys just about knocked him over when they saw him. I got one look at his face and promptly burst into tears. What? I'm a girl. There are allowances made for hormonal emotion.

These last two weeks were really loooooooong. Neither of us does well away from the other. I guess I should be ashamed that I'm so co-dependant, but I'm not. And it pleases me that he's just as bas as I am. Heh.

Tomorrow we are going to take the boys to see Kung Fu Panda 2, which they have been desperately wanting to see since it came out last week.

Then on Sunday, Walter is dropping Bailey off at summer camp.


I'm trying to be alright with this, lol. I know, I know...he'll be fine. He's extremely excited about it. It's just...that's my child. And I'm clingy. :D

My anxiety is so bad though, that I'm not even taking him to the campground. I'm afraid I'll be "that mom." The one that a couple of big burly guys have to drag away from the camp, crying for my baby. The one that would cause so much emotional trauma for my son, that it would take years of therapy for him to deal with what I did to him, that one time at camp.

So Tracy (who is also having a son dropped off at camp) and I are going scrapping. Yep. I'm going to try and bury my extreme emotional duress at Archiver's.


Ooohkaay, moving on...

With Bailey gone this week, Braeden and I are going to have some good one-on-one time with school. He's not going to be as happy about that as I am, but I'm looking forward to really working with him on his reading. While I wouldn't think, at least not yet, that he needs any sort of remedial reading programs, he did get off to a slow start with reading. He is making some terrific progress, but it will be nice to focus on some things that are giving him trouble. Like sight words.

My child... oh man, I love his logic:

Me: "Braeden, what's this word?"
Braeden: "SAYed"
Me: "No honey, that word is said."
Braeden: "If the word is pronounced SED, then why isn't is spelled S-E-D?"
Me:" I don't know Braeden, it just is."
Braeden:" That's crazy. How am I supposed to read, if words aren't spelled the way they sound?!"
Me: deep sigh

This is his way of dealing with the world. It's like writing something. To him, there's really no need. I mean, he can speak afterall. And he can type. Quite proficiently. ;)

We will also work on his reading comprehension. That's a tough one, I know it can be hard to actually remember what it is you are reading, if you're having to stop and sound out more than half the words. But, we will plug away. He loves reading kids books on the nook color, since some of them can be interactive (basically that just means that he can touch the touchscreen I usually tell him not to touch), so that helps...

Well, I hope everyone one has a great week next week. Remember to pray for me on Sunday. If you've got a prayer to spare, you can send one up that Bailey has a great, but SAFE time. Oh, and that he can find it in himself to shower, at least once, that week. ;)


hornblower said...

Hi & thanks for dropping by my blog & commenting on the topic of answering the 'why aren't your kids in school' question :-)

Hope you're making through today .

topsy-techie said...

Thinking of you today and hoping you survive. I was great when we dropped off Andy for his first ever sleep-away camp. No tears, no slobbering all over his face. The rest of the week, though? I was a total basket-case. I'm hoping your week is much better than mine was!! Glad the hubby made it home safely. BTW...did you say Greenville? As in Greenville, SC?! If you did, I'm going to kick your hiney...that would mean you were just 45 mins, from me and didn't inform me. :P

Kat said...

@hornblower - thanks to you as well, for commenting. :)

@topsy - Thank you! Lol... I did OK yesterday, but this morning saw a little mini panic attack. :D