Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trying to get better at blogging...

When I first thought about starting a blog, I thought I could totally do this. How hard can it be?

Lemme tell's harder than I thought it would be. The writing isn't hard. Stuff happens in life, you document it, it's a blog. Kinda. Where I suck is in the picture taking. Not only do I have a hard time with remembering to even grab a camera (never mind that my phone has a camera), I have a hard time getting photos off of said camera if I do get a chance to snap a photo or two.


I will try harder. We have a lot of things that have happened lately and I need to play catch up. Vacation, summer camp, day camp...all of these things have accompanying photos (thanks to Tracy, lol!), I just have to find time to go through them and post some up.

I'm hoping to do that this week. Or at least start on it this week. Now that all of our trips and camps are done for the summer, and our homeschooling is in "we will homeschool, but we will do it less cause it's summer" mode, I might actually have a moment or two to work on something like that.

In the mean time, here is a photo of one of our afternoons after camp last week. The boys had a good time relaxing in the pool after a long day...


topsy-techie said...

Yet another way in which we are alike! I am the world's worst at actually remembering to take pictures. And weirdly, I am the one always frustrated when we DON'T have pics of stuff. But when I am in the midst of living life, I somehow cannot remember to document it! (sigh) Even when, like you say, I have a dad-blamed camera right on my phone. GOTTA get better at that!!

Meagan said...

Super cute pic! The best thing about summer is being able to swim :)

One of the things I do is stockpile ideas and drafts.

Homeschooling definitely makes it difficult to keep up. Priorities ya know?

Pics.... hm. Once I was able to get a smart phone and download an app for the company I use (Wordpress) that made a huge difference. That being said, smart phones are so expensive, that unless there's a darn good reason, I'm not necessarily a huge advocate for it.

Your blog is so pretty! Love the 4th theme :)


Kat said...

Thanks for visiting, Meagan! :)

I just recently got a Blogger app for my phone, and I'm hoping that will make things a little least for short little posts and pictures!

Katie :)