Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Ready for August

So August is around the corner. Yep, already. 

August is always pretty exciting for us. We have A LOT of birthdays to celebrate...both of my boys, my dad, my little brother, a niece and my goddaughter. So much fun to plan and be a part of! I think the boys want a bowling party this year, so that should be fairly easy to put together. 

Another reason August is so exciting, is we start our official Dragon*Con countdown! Costume ideas are running rampant and we're looking through the guest list and noting which ones we want to see the most.  Giddy we are! ;)

I don't really have a lot planned for this week. On Wednesday, the boys and I are going to a state park for an open house homeschool group thingy. I'm not sure of too many details...but a friend has been doing it with her boys for a while, and it's all about nature outdoorsy stuffs (exploring local species, animal habitats, etc), so I know my boys would love it. We would only meet once a month, so it would be something easily inserted into our schedules. 

Other than that, I think we'll concentrate on game play and reading. I'm going to try to stump the boys with words from their spelling lists on the hangman game they play, lol. 

Bailey blew through the first book, and is now on the second book of a new series his dad just finished and loved and recommended. Author Michael J. Sullivan, I believe. Braeden, much to my total delight, has started the Harry Potter series! I love this! A local theater showed all of the HP movies weekly throughout the summer. We saw 6 of the 8 films on the big screen and really enjoyed it. After we watched the last one this past Tuesday, he proclaimed that he was ready to start reading the books. YAY! :D

For now, I'm off to grocery shop (blech) and spend this fabulous Sunday with my guys. Hope errbody wraps up their July in a good way! :)


jennifer coulter said...

I am thinking about my 10th grade daughter starting time4learning. Could you tell me about the programs, yes, I read the website etc but I kind of wanted to get your opinion on a parental level. Do they receive a high school diploma is so how? Would you happen to be in ND lol? I could really use your help. I have homeschooled for many years but the laws and rules were different then here in ND. Jenny

Kat said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

We have been using Time4Learning since March 2007. We absolutely love the program! It can be self directed...I don't have to plan the lessons unless I want my boys can log on and get started on their work for the day without having to wait on each other, or on me. It's interactive, so it keeps them engaged. Some of the older lessons are dryer; they have less animation, but I think that's normal, for a program to appear "older" as it progresses through grade levels.

As far as record keeping, it's super! It keeps everything for me. I just print off what I need for my records, when I need it, and I'm done. I keep other stuff, from the extras they do, but as far as their core stuff, it couldn't be any easier to print off reports for their files.

If your daughter completed high school through T4L, she would not get a diploma. T4L is just a curriculum, not a school. Having said that, so many colleges are starting to accept homeschoolers, her high school transcripts and SAT scores could be all she would need to continue her education.

Unfortunately, I'm not in ND, lol. In GA. But T4L has a parent forum, with state by state homeschooling forums.

Check out the ND forum there, and see if you find some other members who are local to you! :)

Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions you may have!