Sunday, January 20, 2013

I still haven't put away... Christmas decorations. Gah!

I don't know that we have ever had a tree up this long. Ever. We have always had an artificial tree, so it's not as if we have a rotting tree in our family room, lol, but still. We had the plague from Christmas to after the New Year, then I started at the tax office earlier this year than normal. We went to see my parents and in-laws last weekend, so today is the first day off, and at home, I've had in a long while.

The hubs and the boys could have put things away, but they are hanging on to the "but we know you like things done in a certain way" excuse. Heh.

Maybe I will get to it today. Maybe.

This past week went well. I had my first 6 day week at the office. Other than just being away from home, it wasn't too bad. Steady without being frantically busy (don't worry though, that will come when the IRS finally starts excepting returns). Braeden went with me yesterday. He's so funny. He loves coming with me, just to keep me company. :)

While I was between clients, we had fun playing games. Well, he played games, lol, and shared with me what he was learning. He played some hink pink online and those little riddles had us cracking up! What would you call rodent headwear? A rat hat. What's a playground for underwater predators? A shark park. :D

Bailey had a busy week too. Friday was 4H, Thursday was Master's and Tuesday was week 2 of the cake decorating class! He's really having fun with that class. I'm so glad that his best friend enjoys being in the kitchen as much as he does, and this class is something they are enjoying together!

Bailey is spending Monday nights with Z so they can go to the class together on Tuesdays. This past Monday, they made their first batches of homemade icing! Thanks, Tracy, for the picture. :)

Bailey's first cake! :)
At their next class, they are going to be making flowers out of the icing, and decorating cupcakes. Fun!

This coming week, the boys are going to continue to plug away at T4L. I'm going through today and setting up spelling lists for the boys. Bailey is working his way through a terrific 40-word Harry Potter list that he found, and Braeden is working on some 3rd grade sight words. Nope, I didn't know there were still sight words to learn at the 3rd grade level either. :/

Also, both of them are going to work on some student writing practice exercises. Braeden hates writing anything that has more than three words in it. Bailey can sit and write a story for hours, but can't put two sentences together if it's assigned, lol. Hopefully these exercises won't traumatize them too badly. ;)

I'm signing off now, to hang out with my guys. I see comfy PJs, a couch, homemade lasagna and a Warehouse 13 binge in my immediate future. Sounds lovely.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and have a great week!

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