Sunday, December 2, 2012's December.

Big Bang Theory
There is absolutely no reason for this picture, other than we just love Big Bang. I thieved this from my oldest son's Pinterest this morning, lol.

Yup. December. The Christmas tree was put up last night, and we will commence with our holiday movie watching today. Up first? My annual tradition of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.


Hee hee. I love this movie. I could probably quote something from it, every day of December. Ah, good times. :D

Even though I spent more time away from home, than I did AT home last week, it wasn't a disaster. That's always nice. UPS or FedEx was here 4 different days, which did nothing to quell the whole "she must be having an affair with her delivery guys" thing going around the neighborhood. Makes me giggle. Between Amazon and BestBuy (my amazon prime account and my bestbuy silver rewardzone membership both have free expedited shipping), I am doing most of my shopping from home this year, and spending less! Woot!

This week I don't really have any school plans for the boys. They are mostly where I want them in their T4L (which, btw, I was able to recommend to an online friend who was looking for something for their wee one with learning disabilities...we are so abnormal in our homeschooling, I love it when I can recommend something and look responsible. HA!). They have some holiday word lists for spelling. They will read. And Bailey and I will be working on his DPA (District Project Achievement) for 4H.

He declared his project, which will be a cooking project called Better Breakfast. He will have to cook this, in front of a judging panel, in March. But, the DPA also includes homeschool portfolios which are due by Dec 14th. Those are something that we honestly don't have any experience with yet, but it's good practice for when we start with his high school portfolio next year. :)

Other than that, we will be working on our homemade/handmade stuff. I do my own Christmas cards, and the boys like to do some too. They also want to make something for everyone, like the cookies they did last year. With the new addiction to Pinterest that seems to be plaging not only Bailey and I, but the hubs as well, we are finding all kinds of homemade holiday goodies. So we may do cookies. We may do candies. We may do jar mixes. Who knows what they will come up with...

Alrighty. Off to enjoy my Sunday with my guys. Hope everyone has a great week!

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Over Yonder said...

We finally got our tree up last night. Up...there is not a thing on it and my living room looks like a tornado struck. I still haven't ordered photo cards (maybe they will be New Years cards at this rate)and I have about 54 things left to do in the next couple of weeks. We are keeping presents VERY simple and I am making a majority of them. Of course there really needs to be two or three of me to get everything done that needs to be done...