Monday, December 10, 2012

A Parade and a Play...

Last week was good. We had a lot of fun throughout the week, getting ready for Christmas. We did a little shopping, and a little decorating. On Thursday evening we went to a local Christmas parade. This is the 2nd year that the boys have been in this play with their Master's Academy group, and like last year, they had a wonderful time!

I love their hats. :)

The theme for the parade this year was A Charlie Brown Christmas. 

On Friday, we went to see A Christmas Carol. A live production put on by a local theatre company, Rose of Athens Theatre. I can't tell you the last time I had been to a play that my kiddos weren't in, lol. It was absolutely fantastic and we all enjoyed ourselves! I took the boys and my grandmother, and we met up with Tracy, her boys and her mom. After the play, we all did Chinese for lunch together. That was followed by a little shopping time with my grandmother. A super way to spend my Friday!

The cast doing their "talk back" after the show.

Over the weekend, our friend Brad came down from NC. He came bearing Christmas gifts, which was supafun. ;) He had some great gifts for the hubs, and the boys. But the bestest gifts? They were mine! No, really. Mine were the best. Don't believe me? Take a look:

From left to right; Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor, David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor, Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds (also affectionately known as Cap'n Tightpants!).  
Told you. Bestest.

The hubs commissioned these, so to speak, from Brad and it was a complete surprise to me. Our family loves art, of all varieties, and we are so lucky to have someone in our lives that's all artisty-like. :D

As a side note... here's a little plug for Brad. And my husband. They are collaborators on a project called Southern Fried Inkslingers. Brad slings ink as an artist, and the hubs slings ink as a writer. Head over to their site, where you can check out some of Brad's work, as well as my husbands. Also, if you aren't easily offended and appreciate a weird sense of humor, you can listen to their podcast where they talk to other inkslingers (or those that support the inkslinging, lol).

Okey dokey. Back to me. Heh.

This week I will continue working on my Christmas cards. No, I haven't finished them yet. Ugh. The boys are going to work more on their room, and on their Christmas wish lists. They don't have a lot to ask for (thankfully they don't want every thing they see), but we are making them write out their list. Not type out their list. Write it. Which is probably why they don't have a lot to ask for. Haha.

I have discovered that something as simple as a wish list can help build vocabulary, and even encourage them in learning to write. Braeden is doing good to elaborate more, rather than saying "nerf sword." Bailey is actually listing out his reasons for his wishes. I want to know WHY they want something. They have so much crap, and I say that lovingly, that we are focusing on bringing in less. If they will really, really play with/use something, then I'm all over it. If it's something they want just because someone else wants it or because the commercial looks cool, then they've got some 'splaining to do.

Today is very much a Monday. I'm behind. I'm tired. I have doctors appointments to get to, prescriptions to pick up and haircuts that are much needed.

I need more coffee. more thing... FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL THE HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep. My inner geek is squeeing.

Have a great week, errbody! :D


Emily said...

Oh, I squee with you about The Hobbit! :D Grace is reading the book this week so she'll be all ready for this weekend.

Also, squee about your gift! They are fabulous! (I'm in the odd minority that actually really loved the 9th doctor. I could just lick him or something.)

Looking forward to listening to the podcast. :D

Kat said...

Thanks, Emily! :) And how funny, Eccleston was my favorite doctor too! I like all of them. But he's my favorite. Followed by Smith. Which puts Tennant at the bottom of the new doctors...which makes me even MORE of the odd minority, lol.