Sunday, August 12, 2012

More birthdays and some reminiscing...

This weekend we visited family, and we helped a very special girl celebrate her first birthday!

Birthday girl, sitting with her mommy...

M is as cute as she can be. I loved this outfit...if I'm not mistaken, her mom received the outfit at her baby shower last year, just for this birthday celebration, lol! She seemed to have a good time today, and she enjoyed opening gifts about as much as any one year old does. You know, it's all good until they pull the first bow/ribbon off, then that's ALL they want to play with from then on. :)

She did enjoy her smash cake. It was honestly the best smash cake evah. She was absolutely covered and at one point, we thought she was finally going to get the entire cake off the table and to her face! :D

Not the greatest picture, but it's what I could get in a hurry with my phone...

On the way home, we stopped and had a special dinner so just the four of us could celebrate our boys' birthdays. Yeah, we already had a party. But this was just for us. We enjoyed dinner, and the boys were surprised with sundaes and a song (is there anyone that doesn't hate when this happens to them at a restaurant, lol?!).

Man. Where does the time go? Bailey turned 13 (omgIhaveateenager!!!) yesterday and Braeden turns 8 tomorrow. I could have sworn I just gave birth to them. :/

Not only am I shocked at how fast they have grown, I was also shocked when I realized that this school year, we will be embarking on our 8th year of homeschooling! When I think back about everything we have learned together, I sit in awe.

I remember the first time Bailey and I got stumped on something. It was venn diagrams. You know those moments when you look at something and you go "When in the name of all that's holy is that going to apply to real life?!" Yep. That was venn diagrams. Sure, they're easy enough. But whhyyyyyyyyy?

Braeden and I haven't gotten as stumped, but you live and learn with the second one, lol. I had a different perspective with him that I didn't have with his older brother. With Bailey, I was always scared that people knew I didn't know how to homeschool. That I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I was just waiting for DFCS to show up and take them away because I was failing.

Sure, Braeden and I have had our battles (handwriting is *still* a bone of'd think he would have given up and conceded to me already, lol), but I learned along the way that there are things and concepts that they just have to be ready for. Like learning to read. Everyone kept telling me that he was behind and I wasn't pushing him hard enough. But I knew better.

And lo and behold, the mommy was right. ;)

Ok, enough reminiscing. If I don't stop, I'll just keep sitting here all weepy eyed. Besides that, I keep trying to grab them as they run by, hoping to fit them in my lap like when they were little. It's kinda freaking them out.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Kerry said...

Just wait till the day when you get ready to start back to homeschool and are only buying curriculum and planning for one because the older one decided that graduation meant you couldn't homeschool him forever anymore. (wwwaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!)

Kat said...

Oh man. *Gulp. I won't be able to homeschool forever?

Lol. I will have to face that eventually, but I'm glad it's not right now.

Thanks for the comment, Kerry! :)