Sunday, August 19, 2012

I can tell the summer is almost over...

This week we had our parents meeting at Masters, which starts next week for Bailey and the week after that for Braeden. We also had our first 4H meeting, which is something brand new for us. Bailey really wanted to try it, and he seems very excited about the upcoming year!

They are officially registered for the fall soccer season.

Yesterday we wrapped up the last of our August birthday celebrations with a surprise 40th party for a very dear friend.

Aaaaand...the boys' Dragon*Con costumes are ready!

Once we are through with the birthdays and the extra curricular registrations/orientations, and we start our official less-than-two-weeks-until-con countdown, then we know our summer is almost at an end.

With trying to make sure I got everything taken care of this week, I was really grateful for all of the teacher resources lists that are on SpellingCity. I didn't have to worry about what they were going to work on in spelling - I just picked some random lists from that section of the site (Capitonyms anyone? ... Anyone?).

They also did some independent reading. Bailey is finally starting the Harry Potter series! I know, seems crazy that he's read stuff like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and hasn't read H.P., but he reads want he wants, in his own order and time frame, lol. Braeden has found a new series called Beast Quest. He's very excited about this because this is the first series he's started completely on his own. This isn't one that we suggested, nor is it one that Bailey read when he was Braeden's age. He found this in Barnes and Noble, while searching through the section that was appropriate for his reading level. :D

As always, we won't have our official back to school (or as homeschoolers like to say - NOT back to school) kickoff until we return from Dragon*Con, so I will post on that later. Since so many other homeschoolers have already started their school year, I'm enjoying reading a lot of blogs and seeing what curricula and resource materials/supplements are being used. Even though we don't usually make many changes from year to year, that doesn't mean I don't find some great information and useful products! :)

Ok, off to grocery shop (gak!) and then come home to sloth in the family room with the boys (yay!). Our shiny new copy of The Hunger Games arrived yesterday from Amazon...can't wait to see it again!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Bethany LeBedz said...

Tell me it isn't so!! I want, no I NEED, summer to last longer this year!! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting the other day. Hope y'all enjoy "Tattoo a Banana"!

Kat said...

Thanks, Bethany! Enjoyed your blog and we are going to be taking our first look at the book this week. So excited! Will post as we work more with it. :)

Thanks again!