Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

**I had this scheduled to post yesterday, but I discovered this morning that it didn't. Grrr. This is not the first time Blogger has done this to me. If anyone has any suggestions as to why this might not have posted as scheduled, I would love to hear them. :) **

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom and moms-to-be out there! Hard to believe it's mid-May already...

It took me all week to unpack from vacation, lol. I was hoping to get it all done faster than I did, but I was having a hard time getting motivated to do anything last week. Other than read. I haven't lost myself in a book lately and it was time. Bailey read the 2nd and 3rd books of The Hunger Games trilogy while we were on vacation and he really wanted me to start them, so I did. And I finished them in about a day in a half! Crazy. While they are a quick read, I really was surprised I liked them that much.

Even with the reading, I finally got done unpacking just in time to have an out of town friend come down for the night on Friday. We had fun and enjoyed a good dinner, and we watched a great documentary on juicing (this is something we are trying, but I don't really want to post about it until I know it's something I can really stick with).

Today we are heading to Tracy's to help her celebrate her birthday. It's kinda a surprise thing, which is cool! I'm sure she is suspicious, but she's not positive about anything. Fun! :D

This week will be business as usual I suppose. The kids' learning software will keep them busy with the core subjects and I will snag a few of the popular word lists on their spelling site for them to work on. I honestly don't know what extracurriculars we will do this week. I haven't planned anything, but I'm hoping something fun will just fall in our laps, lol.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Oh...I really am working on posting some of our Florida pictures. In transferring them from the hubs computer to mine, I learned there were MORE THAN 1800 OF THEM I'm going to need to sort through. Gulp.

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