Saturday, February 11, 2012

Old Movies...

We love watching TV shows and movies. We aren't ashamed of that fact, lol. I know, there are those that say it rots your brain. But whatevs. Our brains seem to be in fine working condition, thankyouverymuch. Not only are we TV watchers, we are homeschooling TV watchers to boot. And still no shame in our game. :D

Speaking of brains, we really need to get caught up on the second season of The Walking Dead...

Last weekend, I had some down time (thanks to not feeling very well), so what did we do? We watched all three of the Star Wars movies. Yes, all three. No, there aren't six. The three newer ones don't count. The boys had never seen them all the way through, but knew all of the characters and the major story lines thanks to the last five years at DragonCon, lol!

We also watched The Lion King, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They had only ever seen the newer one, with Johnny Depp. When it was over, they both looked at me and said "that was SO much better than the remake." It was a proud moment. ;)

This weekend, we are at it again. What's on the schedule? Stand By Me and Poltergeist! YAY!

We watch all movies and shows, not just older ones. But it's been a lot of fun for the hubs and I to share those old favorites of ours with the boys.

Tax time is dwindling already, thank goodness. This week will see me returning home more and more, which is a great thing. The boys have honestly been doing fine this year; better than years past. Logically, that makes sense, since they are older and are used to having independent school time. But it's still a relief to know that things will be getting back to normal earlier than expected. Well, our normal anyway.

This week I will play catch up on some things around the house that I have put on the back burner over the last few weeks. I have to conquer Mount Laundry. Blech. On the upside, it's more of a "Stone Mountain" size, rather than a "Mt. Everest" size. Silver lining. :)

The boys are going to work on a little Valentine's Day unit study this week. We are not having our normal Valentine exchange at the homeschool group, and I thought it would be a good time to really explore more of the history of the holiday (thank you Wikipedia!), instead of focusing on those little Valentine's cards and the candy. They are both looking forward to this, as they have a natural and genuine interest in all things History. I will spend some time this weekend trying to find some activities to help Braeden with this...sometimes it can be difficult in getting my right-brained visual learner engaged in certain things.

Ok, off to climb that mountain...have a great week errbody! :)


Patti~~~ said...

Alex and I watch movies fairly often. We rent from a local video store or find something on Netflix and occasionally will find something at our library . Some movies are geared toward what we're studying at the moment and others are just for fun.

We do not, however, have cable/satellite. For us, I found that when we had satellite television, we spent too much time in front of the t.v. It was just SO easy to plop down for a well-deserved rest and reach for the remote! I appreciate the control that renting videos allows----I really have to think twice about getting in the car and driving the short distance----whether I REALLY want to and if it's worth the gas waste.

I personally find visual media opportunities to be such a wonderful way to add to our homeschool experience. Alex (and my older boys when they were at home) has been able to see places and things that he otherwise might not have the ability to enjoy. I WILL NOT be the kind of parent who puts a label on something as all-out bad (too many have jumped on the "t.v. is evil" bandwagon)----we should be able to allow various activities into our lives without being made to feel that we've done something wrong or that we are not a "good" parent because of it.

Happy Movie Watching!


Kat said...

Well said, Patti! Thank you! :D