Saturday, February 18, 2012

My time is my own...

Sort of. I'm back home now, and finally done with the tax thing. I will cover a day or two so Tracy can have a day off. And I will work for her when her mom has surgery in the next couple of weeks. But other than that, I'm out. :)

This week I tried to get caught up on things around the house. Since I have failed, repeatedly, all those housewife courses (heh), my ability to prioritize and get things done in a timely manner is non-existent. I start out with a list of things. Then I get distracted (I really, really, really needed to watch the almost 3 hour American version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." NEEDED) and things just go down hill from there, lol. I did however, conquer Mount Laundry. Not only did I wash and dry the clothes, I even put them away! Yes, that is a noteworthy accomplishment.

Today we are going Bowling with Tracy's crew, then heading to Buford (about 55 miles away) to hit Archivers and MovieStop. The hubs could care less about either of these stores, but I'm excited. Tracy and I are picking up a really cool set of border punches from Archivers, then Scott and I are going to find our happy place at the movie store. Fortunately, there's Steak N Shake in it for the boys and Walter, so they are agreeing to my shopping trip. :D

Tomorrow will be spent grocery shopping (blech), then lounging with the boys. Hopefully.

This week, Bailey will finally start that homeschool writing curriculum I have been talking about. I was supposed to start him in January, but I really wanted to wait until I got back home more. He and I are both kinda nervous about starting something new at this point in our homeschool journey, and the fact that he has a "teacher" is making him wig out, lol. Anyway, knowing that I was going to be home next week, I signed him up Friday. Not thought about it. Did it. FINALLY. He got his login info, and his teacher's name and email, and he begins his eight week Middle School Basic Mechanics course on Monday!

Braeden doesn't have anything major coming up this week, but he will spend any extra time he has practicing his part in his end of the year performance at Masters. I am in awe at his improvement in reading this year. We started out the year still fending off those questions of "isn't he behind?" and "shouldn't he be reading more already?" Now, he had to read a half a page of script, and the only word he got stuck on was "ignore." YAY! :) He's getting more and more interested in reading, and he's starting to finally pick out books on his own, rather than just flipping through ones we pick out for him. Bailey had found some books by homeschoolers on the HomeschoolLiterature website I found, but I don't know that there are any in Braeden's age range. But I told him I would look, and if I found some, I would try and get them and put them on his Nook.

I can't believe that we are already gearing up for March. I signed the boys up for Spring soccer last week...feels like we just finished the fall season! They are excited, as always, for soccer. We are excited too, but we also kinda-sorta-a little bit dread it. We would never tell the boys that, lol. But it's expensive (both boys have to have new cleats this time, and those are NOT cheap; plus gas just keeps going up and we have a soccer obligation, be it a game or a practice, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays every week) and fairly chilly, at least at the beginning of the season. And this year, the boys are going to miss their last week of games because we will be on vacation.  Because both Walter and Scott have to ask for time off well in advance, we can't wait to make vacation plans to see what the soccer schedule is like. On the other hand, we don't want to boys to miss out on a 2 1/2 month soccer season simply because they will miss one week. Ah well, everything will work out thankfully usually does. :)

Hope errbody had a very special Valentine's Day this past week, and I hope that your upcoming week is just as sweet!


Kerry said...

That is a LOT of planning and doing. I'm happy to have one DAY ahead planned and executed, so again I feel relatively sure that you are super-woman. One day you must let me borrow your cape. ;)

Simply Homeschooled said...

I do not do so well with planning LOL it is kind of a wake up and see what I am in the mood to do, I never even know what I am cooking dinner until an hour before dinner time! haha

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kat said...

Kerry...not even remotely super-woman, but thanks to my reign in Dorkdom, there *is* usually a cape involved. ;)

Simply Homeschooled...that's usually me. We "wing it" a lot more often than I'm sure my family would like, lol, but I'm trying. :)