Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Weekend...

So this past week went really well. I worked fewer hours and had more time at home with the boys. We all were very pleased about that!

Bailey has been reading like a fiend!! Before he got his nook, I think it took him 6 months to get through the first half of the first Percy Jackson book. Just since Christmas, he has finished all 5 of the Percy Jackson books, he's finished The Hobbit AND he's almost half way through The Fellowship of the Ring.

Yes, for real!!!

The Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaay for miraculous transformations (and gadgets...I have to give credit where credit is due...)!

Braeden is even making improvements. He thinks as soon as he learns to read more efficiently, he's getting a phone to text with. We've tried to tell him that isn't going to happen, but he's still trying, lol. We probably will get him his own nook though.

As far as school goes, they are still doing the "mostly child-led with a little prompting from us" thing.  They are getting better with the self-motivation. We don't really encounter as much as resistance to the online work anymore. Even though the "child-led" thing is going on, we try to encourage them to do some homeschool printables.

They don't dig this as much, and I can't blame them. I'd rather do everything on the computer too. But if they can make it through a couple of handwriting worksheets (which is the most tedious for them), then I'm happy.

Yesterday I had a much needed scrap day. I know, it sounds selfish to take a day for myself when I miss the boys so much. But scrapping is about the only way for me to give my brain some time off.  Tracy and I spent 14 (nope, not a typo) hours at Archiver's, minus some time for dinner at Steak N' Shake, and had a fabulous time!

Today we are having our family Valentine thing. Every year, rather than the hubs and I celebrating by ourselves, we do a family thing. The past couple of years it's been dinner and a movie. We are keeping with that tradition this year. The boys have been begging to see Gnomeo and Juliet so we are taking them to see that. The title of the movie alone makes me giggle, so I'm hoping Walter and I can enjoy it along with the boys. :)

Hope everyone's Valentine's Day is filled with love!


True Texan said...

Kat,I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and commenting. Wow! I also struggle with reluctant boy readers! My hubs just got me a Cruz reader for my birthday. It's my toy, and I don't really want to share, but I might look at an inexpensive reader for my 10 year old with that kind of an endorsement. Thanks for the insight!

Kat said...

Thanks, True Texan! I'm glad you stopped by...

I hope that you can find an ereader for your boys and that it has the same effect that it had on mine! :)