Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art and Music for Homeschoolers...

Both of the boys seem to have some natural abilities that they would like to expand on. Bailey likes to write creatively. He also likes to draw and paint. Braeden likes all things music. As parents do, we are trying to work on helping them explore these natural abilities.

Bailey really enjoyed the art curriculum that he worked on with Time4Learning. So much so, that he went through and it completed it twice! But we are trying to find a new program for him to start on. Easier said than done, especially when you live in the boonies.

While we keep looking, the educator's discount at Barnes and Noble has come in very handy. They have a decent selection of "How to Draw" type books. There's also eBay and Amazon.

Braeden's a little harder to work with. Finding a homeschool music program is harder than one would think. Makes sense though, since you really need a lot of one on one time with instruments and instructors. We did find a good website with some music games, however. He plays around and is enjoying it so far. We will try to fit music lessons into our budget, when he finally decides what instrument he would like to try, lol.

I know this is short and not really updating you on us or anything, but we all have the plague. Well...I don't think it's really the plague. But we all feel like it could be. All four of us are hacking and coughing and sneezing. We've gotten to the point where we are kinda harmonizing our "achoos" and our "hacks," so at least we're humoring ourselves...

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