Sunday, December 5, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Update...

I actually took some photos of our Thanksgiving weekend.

Of course, that does not mean that I have put them on my computer yet so I can post them here, lol.  But I will...

Our weekend was great and we enjoyed seeing family.  I even braved the Black Friday shopping fiasco with Tracy, Scott and Tracy's mom.  I left the house at 930pm on Thanksgiving night and got home about 5am that Friday morning.  It was CRAZY!  After some mad shopping, we had a 3am snack at IHOP.  :)

The boys are enjoying the holiday season.  We have put up our tree and what few odd decorations we have.  They love, love Christmas music...which absolutely thrills me!

As far as school goes, I was really hoping to be more break-like by now, but alas, we are still working on a little school.  Braeden is pretty much on a break.  He may hop on his computer and play some online math games or something, but he's not really working too hard. :D

Bailey is doing more of his normal schoolwork than he would like.  He would be doing less if it weren't for the fact that has done waaaay more of his science program than his language arts and math, lol!  He will gladly log on in the mornings without me asking him to, but he always does the science and social studies first.

You may think that this wouldn't be a problem, but there is about twice as much math and language arts as there is science and social studies.  Sooo... on his "break" he is working only on language arts and math.

He isn't entirely happy with this, but without those 2 subjects his day is shorter.  It could be worse, lol...

We have a busy month ahead.  A few scout functions, a visit to a nursing home to go caroling with our homeschool group, and of course multiple family gatherings.  I love this time of year!! :)

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