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DragonCon 2010!!

You didn't really think I would forget to tell you about my 5 days of Geek togetherness and joy, did you?

What a freaking weekend!!!!!  We had a wonderful DC this year.  There was a teensy bit of drama, but there was far more love going on!

We arrived Thursday to help set up the store with the boss lady.  It was awesome to get checked in early and see everyone as they arrived.  The excitement just pours off everyone and it's difficult NOT to get wound up in that. The store has always been a great place to be on staff. You get to see most of the con goers at one point or another over the weekend and we have a really good location for "people watching" on the Marquis level of the Marriott.

The boys had fabulous costumes this year!  Thanks to Nana who HANDMADE all of them but Braeden's. They got a good bit of attention and photo requests when they suited up.
From left to right:
Q as David Tennant (Doctor Who #10), Braeden as Matt Smith (Doctor Who #11),
Bailey as Gandalf the Grey and Z as a LOTRO Loremaster.

Tracy and I were working and didn't get to the parade this year, but Walter and Scott took the boys and they said it was really good...even longer and with more participants than normal.  There were quite a bit of photos from the parade, but I posted several of them on my Facebook page, so you can check them out there.

I have had my fair share of fangirl moments over the last couple of years... Got to have a little cuddle with Nathan Fillion (of Castle, Buffy, Firefly, Serenity, etc) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, etc) one year.  Got to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon (one of my favorite, favorite authors...penned the Dark-Hunter series and more) and Charlaine Harris (hel-lo...the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood novels...) one year.  And my biggest squee moment was last year when I got to meet James Marsters (from Torchwood and more importantly, Spike from Buffy, lol).

But all my fan moments added up to NUFFIN compared to this year's fan moment...and I wasn't even a part of it!

You've heard me mention Mythbusters before.  My boys, as well as the B boys, LOVE Mythbusters.  Hell,  one could even say that the science portion of our learnin' revolves around the Mythbusters and their experiments.  :) We sat at the store and watched people sit/stand in line for HOURS, waiting to see Adam and get his autograph. Because the store was short on staff and it was so crazy-busy, we knew we weren't going to be able to get a chance to get in line. We went about our afternoon, but we got a little break later and went to the Art room.

When we got back to the store, Scott gets a phone call from Tracy telling him to get the boys and get them to the room where Adam was.  Walter and Scott run the boys over while I go back to the store.  They get back a little while later and this is what I see:

Yep, that's Adam Savage from Mythbusters!
Yep, that's our boys with Adam Savage from Mythbusters!!!
This shot is what makes this THE best fanboy moment!
It was after QDB had met him and gotten his autograph.
This was as he was saying goodbye...and his emotions
got the better of him.  Awesome!!

Tracy, as Tracy does, decided on our way back from the art show, to pop her head in the room and see if he was still there.  As it turns out, he was, but he was getting ready to leave.  Tracy told him about our boys and asked if he could wait 5 minutes so they could come in and say hi.  He graciously agreed and this is when we got the phone call.  Everyone was so excited, they didn't even have anything for him to sign, lol.  Luck was with them and a nice lady had a deck of cards in her bag.  She took out some and he signed a playing card for each boy.  Such a cool experience! :)

There were also a few not-quite-fangirl moments that we don't have documented with photos.

First, on Friday, I stepped out of the store to see Sherrilyn Kenyon (I did mention that she is one of my favs, didn't ??!) watching our boys play in the hallway while she was waiting to get into a back room.  I was so surprised to see her there, that I walked right by without even saying anything!

Next, Tracy and I walk out of the store to see Edward James Olmos (you would know his face if you see him, even if you didn't know is name) asking Mark directions.  Of which, Mark didn't know how to find. But that's beside the point.  :D

Then, there was Saturday night.  We were waiting on an elevator...

Hold on...let me explain the elevators...

There are 12 elevators at the Marriott.  Even so, there could be anywhere from a 5 minute to 30 minute wait to actually be able to get ON one of those elevators.  Understandably, with 40,000 plus people, there's a lot of elevator traveling going on.  When the doors open, you fight and push your way onto the elevator, hoping that the alarm won't go off because there are 26 people in there and you're the one closest to the door which means you're booted if the alarm rings.

Ok...back to the story... Tracy and I were waiting on an elevator when the door to the one near us opens.  We were trying to bolt our way on, and almost collided with Mark A. Sheppard (he played Badger in Firefly, Crowley in Supernatural, Sterling in Leverage, among many other roles)!  I was, again and very unusual for a talker like myself, speechless.  As he rounded the corner, I finally squeaked to Tracy that that was Sterling, but it was too late for her to snap a photo of him.  Side note about him... I was pleasantly taken aback with how pretty he was in his jeans. :D

Finally, there was the ride down on Monday with all of the luggage.  This was met with much trepidation.  I mean, it's bad enough trying to squeeze in one of those things by yourself, much less with 2 huge duffles.  When an elevator finally opened, we hopped on.  It was going up, not down, but if there's one thing you learn at DragonCon, it's you get your ass on an elevator WHENEVER you can, doesn't matter what direction it's going.  We were on the 23 floor and we stopped at every floor until we got to the 29th floor.  There, we picked up a guy who was wearing some God-awful cowboy boots, but who was extremely kind and chatty.  He also looked crazy familiar.  I recognized his face right away, but didn't want to blurt out "omg you're famous!" on an elevator full of people.  So I stood there and stared at him trying to remember what his name was. I'm sure that made him much more comfortable than me just coming out and asking him. *said sarcastically*  We stopped at EVERY floor on the way back down to the lobby and I still couldn't remember his name.  We get back to the store and I'm telling the guys about the famous dude in the elevator.  Told Scott I thought he was in the old "V" miniseries from the 80's and he figured it out it was Marc Singer, who also played The Beastmaster.

There was a lot of laughing, giggling and gasping throughout the weekend,  a lot of picture taking and people watching, but those were our "moments" this year.  Like I said, it was great time.  Before we could even leave downtown Atlanta on Monday, we were already looking forward to next year. Walter and Scott decided this year that they wanted to take next year off from staff and just be "con goers" for once and they are both excited about that. Tracy and I may also see some changes coming our way...but we will have to see. Doesn't really matter what we do, as long as our group is together and in Atlanta somewhere on Labor Day weekend, then all is right with the 'verse.

If you want to see more photos from DC 2010, check out my Facebook album.  :)

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